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Four Weddings FINISHED In Six Weeks?

by Peter on November 6, 2011

I’m not talking about I photographed four weddings and “gee I’m really tired.” I’m talking about four weddings FINISHED in six weeks as in the photographs are ready to be viewed FINISHED. In fact it is the policy of Storyboard Life to have the photographs ready to be viewed with the ratio 1 to 2.  This means if it takes a day to photograph the wedding then the photographs will be ready to be viewed within two weeks. I was a little ahead of the game. One of the four weddings was a two “dayer” so one could say that I finished 5 weddings in 6 weeks.

There are photographers who espouse  “photographing a wedding takes more than just a day.” Yes that is correct but I fear that most photographers use this as an excuse to procrastinate for months. If the truth be told theses photographers waited months before even looking at the photographs and only did so when they get a call from the groom about the timeline. The photographer says, “I’m almost done and you should have them within a week.” In a mad dash the photographer sits down and “creates art” in mere days. It seems that I might be on a rant and maybe I am but the fact is that photographers need to focus on getting the photographs right at the time of the click rather than “creating art” out of their mistakes.

Click on their names to see the weddings. Enjoy!

Liz & Ben  |  Christy & Keith  |  Sheryl & Ben  |  Puja & Tapen

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