Earlier this year I got a call from Benjamin’s dad, Steve, about photographing his son’s upcoming wedding. Steve, his wife and I served down in Haiti a month after the 2010 7.0 earthquake. What a great little family that knows and feels the importance of photographing family. They were married at Hill Manor which was an outdoor affair much like a backyard wedding where guests attended because of their relationships with the couple and their families. What was exciting was the fact that Benjamin was able to be part of the family photos even though he was around the world in China. The blessings of video chat!

Photo Tip: The Hill Manor has a lot of themed rooms that was just asking to have a photo shoot. Since I didn’t have time to set up lighting I just pushed up the flash on the camera so that the flash would bounce off the white ceiling. With that set all I had to do pose them. With rooms like this you could spend hours.

This was one of the weddings from 4 weddings in 6 weeks post

Wedding Photographed by breast cancer photographer