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Five Steps To Create Meaningful Projects

by Peter on May 30, 2012
I am amazed how many people think their amazing ideas are common and useless. In fact, they say, “Well, if my idea was so great someone else would have done it.” Have you ever said that about projects you know would be meaningful? Do you have the problem of thinking your ideas are worthless? I invite you to ask yourself, “Why?” Why do you think that your thoughts of creating meaningful projects is worthless.

I bring up the idea of you having worth because far too many people take the Eeyore approach and the world misses out on extraordinary things. One last point before I give your the 5 steps. Do you know who Steve Jobs was before “Steve Jobs?” What about “George Washington Carver” or “Walt Disney?”  Did they just wake up one day and become iconic? No! They had an idea and asked the question, “could it be” and they answered, “I’m sure going to try.”  They took the step in action and forward motion and the world has never been the same.

    1. Write down what you would like to accomplish. Don’t think about it, just write it. In fact, ask yourself, what project would you lead if cash was not a concern? The reason too many people don’t accomplish goals is because they don’t write them down and they think they can’t accomplish them. Write your project down and place it on your bathroom mirror so that you are reminded of it every morning.
    2. What are the the 4-5 important things and people that you need to begin your journey and reach your goal. You can’t do it on your own. Every successful person has a team to help them reach their goals. You won’t find everyone right now but write down the types of people and things you need to accomplish your goal.
    3. Create a schedule. Deadlines are your accountability. Without them you’ll never get anything done. So many people say, “Maybe I’ll ____ someday.” Well you know what….someday never comes. Please remember to keep your schedule realistic. If you need extra money to accomplish your goal then you’ll need to work more and save more. This takes time but make sure you have specific time to accomplish those goals. Also remember to create small goals on your calendar. Small goals will show momentum and give you the reassurance that you are on the right path.
    4. Create a trusted group of friends and family that you can bounce ideas off. Please be careful with this. Setting out to accomplish your goals will cause some friends and family to get angry and attempt to derail you. I don’t think it’s intentional but a few will get upset that you are going something that they wish they were doing. That is, accomplishing something new and great.
    5. Move, Move, Move! Don’t delay another day.

If you have any other ideas on creating meaningful projects let us know in the comments.

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