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500 Books For Love For Breast Cancer Survivors

by Peter on January 27, 2013

500 books 4 love breast cancer book promotion

Do you know anyone who has been affected by breast cancer and needs a word of hope? It maybe a coworker, friend or family member.  Often times you don’t know what to say or do. You can feel helpless. Breast Cancer Portraits: Wisdom from the Journey gives you the opportunity to share words of hope from breast cancer survivors and those currently battling breast cancer.

In the month of February, author and photographer Peter Doyle wants to help 500 people give the gift of hope, encouragement and motivation to their loved ones who have been affect by breast cancer or diagnosed with breast cancer.

We all know the stress on finances and relationships that comes with a cancer diagnosis. It brings fear because of the unknown and the immediate thoughts of mortality.  Wisdom from the Journey will help encourage and motivate not only those diagnosed with breast cancer but also their loved ones.

From The Introduction:

Breast Cancer Portraits: Wisdom from the Journey: steps out of the box beyond a book about breast cancer survivors for breast cancer survivors. The personality portraits of these 49 survivors, paired with their heartfelt, penned notes contained in this volume, are wisdom about life, love, and happiness gained from their experience through their journey and battle with breast cancer. This wisdom will help to motivate and encourage those with the desire to fulfill dreams, overcome obstacles, and create stronger relationships with friends and families. The life of one who battles cancer is one filled with fatigue, exhaustion, anger, and confusion. Survivors are never able to walk away from their cancer to take a rest or recoup because they can never walk away from their body. The battle for their life rages all hours of the day and night. The tools for their battle include the poison of chemotherapy and burns of radiation with the hopes that the cells that are sabotaging their body are killed faster than their healthy ones. Let us not forget about the support of family and friends to lift spirits and lend a listening ear and strong shoulder. Survivors are confronted with questions about their mortality, identity, loved ones, and leaving a legacy. The wisdom contained in this book gives inspiration, motivation, and encouragement not only for those directly affected by any terminal disease but also for people who need to wipe off dusty goals, overcome defiant obstacles, and live the life they have always desired.

As a THANK YOU for purchasing Breast Cancer Portraits: Wisdom From The Journey during our February 500 books 4 love promotion, we would like to give you full access to the Let Your Legacy Inspire Resource Library, a $130.00 value.  This resource will help you create the successful projects you have dreamed about but didn’t know where to start.

[box title=”The Let Your Legacy Inspire Resource Library Includes:” color=”#e877af”]
  1. How To Create A Successful Personal Project Video Jumpstart Take your vision from paper to reality in the shortest time possible. (a $60.00 three-session video series)
  2. Great Work Is Not A Feeling: “Inspiration is a Treacherous Lie” Producing great and influential work when you don’t feel like it. (a $19.99 one-session video)
  3. 5  Must Have Steps To Creating A Winning Team Go farther full filling your dreams with the right team that will help and support you 100% of the time. (a $15.00 pdf ebook)
  4. PDF digital edition of Breast Cancer Portraits: Wisdom From The Journey (2011)
  5. PDF digital edition of To Have & To Hold: A Life for Generations (2009)
  6. PDF digital edition of Haiti’s Hope (2010) 

To access the Let Your Legacy Inspire Resource Library please take these four simple steps.

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  1. Purchase Breast Cancer Portraits: Wisdom from the Journey from Amazon for $29.99 or via Project Storyboard for $24.99.
  2. Forward your receipt e-mail to It’s that simple.
  3. Check your inbox.  You will receive a confirmation email from us. You will need to respond to that email to complete the verification.
  4. A link will be emailed to you no later than March 1, 2013 to the official Let Your Legacy Inspire Resource Library download page, where you will have instant access.

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