Why You Should Plan All The Way To The End

January 28, 2013
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January 28, 2013 Peter

Why You Should Plan All The Way To The End


A couple of months ago I started reading The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene.  It’s been a great read and some nuggets of truth on the human condition and psychology in using power to get what you want. Law 29 really peeked my attention because it addresses why most people fail at reaching their goals.

Goals are reached not because a lack of want but a lack of a detailed plan and map to reach that goal. Many just assume that just because they wrote it down or told someone about it that it will “just” happen.  This rarely happens in real life. Imagine planning family vacations or going to a job interview with this mentality.

Here are a few quotes from the book.

[quote style=”1″]The ending is everything. Plan all the way to it, taking into account all the possible consequences, obstacles, and twists of fortune that might reverse your hand work and give the glory to others. By planning to the end you will not be overwhelmed by circumstances and you will know when to stop.  Gently guide fortune and help determine the future by thinking far ahead. [/quote] [quote style=”1″]Because most people are too imprisoned in the moment to plan with this kind of foresight, the ability to ignore immediate dangers and pleasures translates into power.  It is the power of being able to overcome the natural human tendency to react to things as they happe, and instead train oneself to step back, imagining the larger things taking shape beyond one’s immediate vision. Most people believe that they are in fact aware of the future, that they are planning and thinking ahead.  They are usually deluded:  What they are really doing is succumbing to their desires, to what they want the future to be.  their plans are vague, based on their imaginations rather than their reality. They may believe that they are thinking all the way to the end, but they are really only focusing on the happy ending, and deluding themselves by the strength of their desire.[/quote]


[quote style=”1″]so much of power is not what you do but what you do not do — the rash and foolish actions that you refrain from before they get you into trouble.  Plan in detail before you act — do not let vague plans lead you into trouble.[/quote] [quote style=”1″]The ending is everything.  It is the end of the action that determines who gets the glory, the money, the prize.  Your conclusion must be crystal clear, and you must keep it constantly in mind. [/quote] , , , ,

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  2. I understand what you are trying to imply and your purpose does make sense but that I
    can’t say I completely agree with you. You see,
    there might be some issues in regards to the problems you’ve mentioned.
    Nevertheless, I love the time you invested in describing your opinion.
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