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Breast Cancer Portraits: Wisdom From The Journey

by Peter on March 9, 2015

2 Men Survivors + 47 Women Survivors = Breast Cancer Portraits: Wisdom from the Journey

Excerpt from the Introduction:

breast cancer portraits book coverBreast Cancer Portraits: Wisdom from the Journey steps out of the box beyond a book about breast cancer survivors for breast cancer survivors. The personality portraits of these 49 survivors, paired with their heartfelt, penned notes contained in this volume, are wisdom about life, love, and happiness gained from their experience through their journey and battle with breast cancer. This wisdom will help to motivate and encourage those with the desire to fulfill dreams, overcome obstacles, and create stronger relationships with friends and families.

The life of one who battles cancer is one filled with fatigue, exhaustion, anger, and confusion.  Survivors are never able to walk away from their cancer to take a rest or recoup because they can never walk away from their body. The battle for their life rages all hours of the day and night. The tools for their battle include the poison of chemotherapy and burns of radiation with the hopes that the cells that are sabotaging their body are killed faster than their healthy ones. Let us not forget about the support of family and friends to lift spirits and lend a listening ear and strong shoulder.  Survivors are confronted with questions about their mortality, identity, loved ones, and leaving a legacy.  The wisdom contained in this book gives inspiration, motivation, and encouragement not only for those directly affected by any terminal disease but also for people who need to wipe off dusty goals, overcome defiant obstacles, and live the life they have always desired.

9 Reasons To Experience Breast Cancer Portraits:

  1. Why your attitude can and will change your life.
  2. Why you should be proactive in creating  a stronger relationship with your loved ones.
  3. Your circumstances never determine your success. You are in control of your own success.
  4. Why there is strength in asking for help.
  5. How to confront life-altering circumstances to reach your goals.
  6. The secret to happiness in the middle of a storm.
  7. Your identity can only be defined by you.
  8. How to have courage to live life and love more.
  9. How to effectively help and love those experiencing debilitating and life-altering circumstances


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