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Haiti’s Faces Of Hope

by Peter on March 9, 2015

Where’s the Hope when a 7.0 Earthquakes hits the poorest country in the western hemisphere?

haiti's faces of hope book cover

Excerpt from the Forward:

Once the news hit the airwaves the Haiti was hit with a 7.0 earthquake, photographers from far and wide made their descent en mass upon the impoverished country. Images of broken lives, broken bodies and broken families were displayed on TVs all around the world. The rescue effort was immediate and countries from around the world began arranging relief aid. While thousands of pounds of food and water were carried in the bellies of cargo planes, millions of dollars from private citizens were donated to help pay for search and rescue, clean up, and basic life necessities for those who were left behind. These lucky rescued lives gave us inspiration and motivated exhausted rescue teams to stay diligent in their task to search and find all living souls under the ruble. But images of hope were not what the media shared with the world; instead photographs of catastrophe and violence seemed to be the only faces of Haiti available.

Although Haiti’s history is laden with disease, government corruption, violence, abject poverty and hunger, there remains a flickering beacon of hope. I sought out that beacon of hope to preserve it in my photography; a difficult task because of Haiti’s history of disappointments and oppression. While other photographers came to personally benefit from Haiti’s misfortune and suffering, I did not want the Haitian people to see that in me. I was there to photograph the value of their humanity.

These are the faces of men, women and children whose lives have been marked by tragedy and misfortune, yet the world, and more importantly, the Haitian’s themselves need to see the hope and strength that shines so brightly from within their souls.

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