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Childhood Cancer Portraits Book

by Peter on March 10, 2015

childhood cancer portraits ebook and bookDigital Edition + Music for $14.99 (19.99 value)

Immediate download of PDF of Childhood Cancer Portraits: wisdom from the journey

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Childhood Cancer Portraits is an inspirational collection of 101 portraits and handwritten notes of hope, wisdom and encouragement from Childhood Cancer warriors and survivors from around the United States.


childhood cancer portraits book cover

20% – 50%  proceeds from the sale of the book will support the St. Baldricks Foundation, Rally Foundation for Childhood Cancer Research or the families who are represented in the book to help pay for medical expenses

Childhood Cancer Portraits is available both as an Ebook and a 212 paperback book. During the month of September packages are available at discounted prices that include both the ebook and paperback book.

Excerpts from the Book:

Purpose of Childhood Cancer Portraits:

In any time of crisis, what we need are those who have walked the journey before to come alongside and share empathetic words of wisdom about where we are today. We are not looking for ideals or platitudes, but real-life “This is what I did,” “This is what I felt,” “Please, don’t make the same mistake I made,” or “It’s okay to feel the way that you do” statements of reassurance.

Children and families going through a cancer battle do not have time to sit down and read a 200-page book. However, they will take time to read a one-page, personally handwritten note on wisdom passed from one child warrior to another. That handwritten note will also give hope and encouragement to others who read its narrative. Multiply that times 101 children writing notes, and that’s a nice bundle of encouragement to share with the world!

Excerpt from the Preface

Excerpts from the Ebook:


Where it all started:

It was over a year ago when I was sitting in the cancer wing of a pediatric hospital (for business) when the simple realization struck me that the families walking past me were just like my own little family. At least they had been like mine until they were suddenly engulfed with the stress and fear that comes with hearing your child’s cancer diagnosis. My wife and I have a bright-eyed, curious, three-year-old son. Feeling that momentary panic of what would we do if our world was ever thrown topsy-turvy by similar tidings, I asked myself where we would find support and encouragement? The answer came swiftly: Who better to extend a helpful word of hope than these very families surrounding me? The journey of photographing 101 childhood cancer warriors and survivors leading me across America began that very night.

– Excerpt from the Preface


Across the United States

Childhood Cancer Portraits 10 city tour map

St. Baldricks Foundation, Thank You!

The St. Baldrick’s Foundation was proud and honored to assist Peter Doyle in the production of this powerful and important book: Childhood Cancer Portraits: Wisdom from the Journey. St. Baldrick’s coordinated introductions to a number of the children, young adults and families who are featured, helped secure photo shoot locations across the country and provided marketing and media support.

Thank you Rally Foundation

Thank you Rally Foundation for Childhood Cancer Research for your passion to find a cure through research. Your passion for finding a cure, caring for the families and childhood cancer kids is inspiring. Your unwavering effort and assistance was crucial in coordinating exciting photo shoot days and communicating the importance of this book. The response of families and the kids has been overwhelming.


Digital Edition + Music for $14.99 (19.99 value)

childhood cancer portraits ebook and book

  • Immediate download of PDF of Childhood Cancer Portraits: wisdom from the journey

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