How To Find Your Perfect Wedding Photographer (Part 1)

April 13, 2015 Peter

How To Find Your Perfect Wedding Photographer (Part 1)

Know Thy Relationship First Before Searching For Your Perfect Wedding Photographer


You should read all the blogs posts before searching for your photographer. This will allow you to solidify your photographic expectations and have a working knowledge of contracts and products before speaking with any photographer. As a result, you will be able to choose the best photographer for you and only pay for what you truly desire in your wedding collection.

Over the past few years I have met a growing number of brides-to-be who are exhausted and frustrated from trying to find their perfect wedding photographer. It’s exhausting and frustrating because the effects of finding the wrong photographer will be felt and seen for decades to come. With so many photographers entering the wedding industry every year, finding the perfect photographer is becoming an increasingly stressful and difficult task. More importantly choosing the wrong photographer could be felt and seen in their photographs for decades to come.

Here is a typical story. The bride-to-be will search Google for local wedding photographers and create a list of about ten photographers to meet. She, her friends and family will then drive to meet each photographer on the list. She will then ask each photographer the same questions and each photographer will either regurgitate the text on their website or give the Bride-to-be the answers they think she wants to hear. After a few days of this process the Bride is mentally drained, physically exhausted and more confused than when she first started her search. Unfortunately, what started as an exciting adventure has now become a burden she has to tolerate.

How To Find Your Perfect Wedding Photographer series was written to specifically give Brides-to-be the tools needed to help ensure a great experience and success during their search for a wedding photographer.  Each Bride deserves to find a photographer whose style and skill set allow him or her to capture the unique aspects of the Bride’s relationship with her Groom. Not only does each bride and groom have a Signature that needs to be captured perfectly but the photographer needs to to have a style and personality that perfectly matches the bride and groom’s Signature.  This is the only way, that I know of, that will increase the chances that the bride and groom along with their future generations will cherish their wedding photographs.

What you need to know first.

The first step in finding your perfect wedding photographer is knowing your relationship’s Signature.  Without knowing the relationship’s Signature, it is difficult to not only know what to look for when evaluating a photographer’s portfolio or how to effectively interview that photographer in a way that you can determine quickly if they are most likely able to capture your style with ease.

So what is the Signature of the relationship. Simply put, a relationship’s Signature is the the essence, personality, style and nuance of your relationship. Let me give you an example. Have you ever noticed how couples hold hands, hug, or converse in proximity? It is different for every couple isn’t it? Here’s a better question. How do the two of you hold hands, hug, or converse in proximity? I bet there is a difference between you and other couples. Relationships are replete with these nuances and these nuances comprise your unique Signature. If the Bride hires a photographer who cannot capture her Signature then the result is often times tears of frustration rather than tears of joy. Let us both keep that from happening.

How To Get Your Groom To Become Involved In Choosing A Wedding Photographer.

More times than not the Groom is not very interested in participating in this process. He isn’t interested because most men think that getting photographed at a wedding is a chore and boring. As a result, the bride can feel additional stress because the groom just wants his bride to choose the cheapest photographer because in his mind all photographers are the same and will all take the same photographs. To help nudge your groom in the right direction here are a few suggestions that may help him understand the importance of finding the perfect photographer.

  1. Choosing the WRONG photographer will result in wasting good money on useless photographs.
  2. Choosing the WRONG photographer will mean having a person that you do not like hanging around for the entire wedding day!
  3. Choosing the WRONG photographer may cause the wedding party and guests to become uncomfortable and uneasy. This may result ultimately in the question, “Your wedding was great except for the photographer, where did you find him/her?”
  4. Choosing the BEST photographer for you will mean having someone you trust help create photographs that will be seen by your grandchildren. In short, a wise investment.
  5. Choosing the BEST photographer for you will mean feeling comfortable with the photographer, which means better photographs.
  6. Choosing the BEST photographer for you is the right thing for you to do.
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