How To Find Your Perfect Wedding Photographer (Part 2)

April 13, 2015 Peter

How To Find Your Perfect Wedding Photographer (Part 2)

How To Find Your True Signature

Preparing for your wedding day is an exciting process. You choose your day, venue, theme, cake, decorations, and then celebrate it with your friends, family and loved ones. After months of preparation the wedding day finally arrives and everything is in its place as you desired. The vendors that you spent months finding have arrived to transform the venue. As you prepare, the photographer captures your emotions and the family’s bond. Your Bridesmaids are excited and nervous for you.

You are now waiting to walk down the aisle and the door suddenly opens. Cameras flash all around and your eyes connect with his. Vows and promises are given and accepted. The officiate gives you two permission to kiss and then you walk hand-in-hand for the first time as husband and wife. Your family and friends celebrate with you throughout the reception. The cake is cut. The garter and bouquet are tossed to eager and not so eager singles. As the night winds down, everyone will line up and cheer for the two of you one last time as you run together to the getaway car. My question to you is this, “Will your Signature be captured?”

Your relationship’s Signature must match the style of the photographer to ensure the best possible results. Far too many Brides are disappointed with their photographs because the Signature of the Bride and photographer simply did not match. The Bride and Groom are glad that there are photographs for their family’s history, but they are disappointed that those photographs will not be shown proudly to their friends and family. Using buzzwords and phrases such as photojournalism, candid photos, in the moment, traditional, contemporary, portraiture and chic are no longer enough to ensure matching Signatures.

The best way that I have found to identify a couple’s Signature is to avoid buzzwords altogether and ask questions such as, “What movies do you watch?  What magazines do you read?” We watch certain movies because we identify with a character, plot or scene within it. These preferences give the photographer great insight into the relationship’s Signature. Magazines also offer great insight because they show how a Bride and Groom would like to be seen in their photographs. Consider how Vogue, GQ, Atlantan Brides, and W all have unique photographic styles. These preferences let the photographer know how the couple would like to be seen individually. In addition, the answers to these questions will help the Bride and Groom communicate what they are looking for to the potential photographer. More importantly, the Bride and Groom will be able to identify the best photographers for them while perusing the web and wedding directories.


Movies that you like reveal a lot about your personality and how you would like your wedding day to be seen through your photographs. For example, if you like family oriented movies, then you will most likely want photographs that have an emphasis on the interaction of friends and family. On the other hand, if you enjoy romantic, action or high drama movies, then you might be more interested in photographers who are able to produce dramatic photos that focus on you and your spouse. In addition, what are some of your favorite scenes and why do you like them? Take a few moments to write down your answers to the questions below.

Questions For You.

  1. What two movies do you and your fiancée enjoyed watching together?  Which is your favorite scene in each and why?
  2. What are your two favorite movies?   Which is your favorite scene in each and why?
  3. What are your fiancée’s two favorite movies?  Which is his favorite scene in each and why?


Magazines offer great insight into how you view details and photographic composition. What draws you to the style and layouts such as Vogue, GQ, Atlantan Bride, or W? Is it how the models are posed or what is included in the photograph itself? For example, do you enjoy the photographs that have just one model or do you like the ones that have more than one model? Do you enjoy photographs of details or do you like the photographs that show the environment and people? More often than not, you will enjoy everything about the photographs in the magazine. Even so, write down the particulars you like about the photographs and layouts of the magazine.

Questions For You.

  1. What two magazines do you enjoy perusing most?
  2. What about the photos do you particularly enjoy viewing?
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