How To Find Your Perfect Wedding Photographer (Part 4)

April 13, 2015 Peter

How To Find Your Perfect Wedding Photographer (Part 4)

The Best Way To Evaluate A Photographer’s Website

The website is the wedding photographer’s personal gallery of their best work. While perusing the gallery do not forget to keep notes about what you like about the photographs. Ask yourself:

  1. Can I see my spouse and myself in these types of photographs?
  2. Would I refer others to this site?
  3. Are there a variety of photos from different venues and environments to make a good assessment of their talent?

Don’t be shy about your comments; be as honest as if you were looking at your own photos. If you are not impressed with the photographs that you see then quickly move on to the next site. Never stay on a website any longer than you need to.

When you view photographer’s websites, your purpose is to find those photographers that have an eye to capture your Signature. While perusing these websites LOOK ONLY AT THE PHOTOGRAPHS. You will either like the photographs or you won’t. Do not waste your time giving the photographer the benefit of the doubt. You would not want to “learn to like” your photos so do not take the time to learn to like a photographer’s portfolio. The photographer either can capture your Signature or the photographer can not.

While visiting the site do not forget to visit the photographer’s blog. The blog tells more about the photographer as a person. Their blog may be one of the best ways (next to visiting face to face) to see and get a feeling about their Signature. Keep in mind that some photographers’ websites serve as both their gallery and blog. This is the case from my website at

As I stated before, please remember to resist any temptation to view prices or any unrelated categories pertaining to children portraiture and/or high school senior portraits while on the website. You are on a mission so always remind yourself to stay on task. Once you have a good feeling about the photographer and their work then write that website in worksheet 2.1 and move on to the next one.

 During your search, listen to your intuition because it knows more about you than anyone else. Of course, your intuition needs plenty of good research. So take your time and learn and see as much as you can. When the time comes to make this important decision, you will be excited and extremely confident in your choice.

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