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How To Market A Commodity So That Customers Care

by Peter on July 10, 2015

Duracell has done a magnificent job going beyond the commodity content that their batteries are awesome. Nobody cares. When I need to buy batteries I usually buy the cheapest because a battery is a battery is a battery. However, Duracell is not focusing on the power within the batteries but the TRUST YOUR POWER WITHIN yourself video shorts. In 2012 Duracell featured the personal journey of linebacker Patrick Wiliis and his willingness to overcome difficult obstacles .

From the video description

Duracell proves the importance of the power inside by telling the story of all-pro linebacker Patrick Willis. His personal journey to the pinnacle of the NFL required the ability to power through obstacles and a steadfast and unwavering belief in himself. His story is remarkable and inspiring and further proof that with the right stuff inside, great things are possible. #TrustYourPower

This video along with the behind the scenes video pushes me to think about Duracell when purchasing batteries because I hold the truth of the premise of the video dear to my heart.

So why am I bringing a 2012 video up? I brought it up because Duracell stopped looking at batteries as the end game but rather a tool to help people reach their dreams, hopes, and passions.

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