Bride and Groom Required a $200.00 Cover Charge

Ever attend a wedding and gave a financial gift that you had to dig deep for? Well, this bride didn’t think 2 guests dug as deep as they could have. A guest and her boyfriend gave $50.00 each and apparently the bride had a minimum cover charge that caught them unawares. The bride was so…

Seersucker Suits and Wildflowers Wedding Photographs

A little over two weeks ago I had the joy of photographing Katrin & Matt’s wedding at Seaside Beach Florida. What an intimate ceremony on the beach and reception just a few blocks over.  I love photographing these weddings because the guests were not invited because of obligation but because of importance to the couple….

My Interview On Atlanta Sales Talk Radio

A few weeks ago I got the great opportunity to be a guest on the Atlanta Sales Radio program hosted by Steve Cadley [@salesologist] along with guest Claudia Havi Goffan of Target Latino to talk about selling in this economy. This is a relatively new show that I think is a great resource for those whose business is…

Benjamin and Sheryl Wedding At The Manor

Earlier this year I got a call from Benjamin’s dad, Steve, about photographing his son’s upcoming wedding. Steve, his wife and I served down in Haiti a month after the 2010 7.0 earthquake. What a great little family that knows and feels the importance of photographing family. They were married at Hill Manor which was an outdoor…

Christy And Keith Married As A Family Affair

Christy and Keith are one happy couple along with their children. This was one of the funniest family celebrations I have ever been to photograph. Family celebration? Normally you don’t hear that with a wedding but with Christy and Keith this was the case a Villa Christina. Their wedding was at 11am and many of…

Four Weddings FINISHED In Six Weeks?

I’m not talking about I photographed four weddings and “gee I’m really tired.” I’m talking about four weddings FINISHED in six weeks as in the photographs are ready to be viewed FINISHED. In fact it is the policy of Storyboard Life to have the photographs ready to be viewed with the ratio 1 to 2….

David Tutera Surprises Matt and Ginny

During the two day Cut The Ribbon, Cut The Cake with David Tutera at the Tybee Island wedding chapel we had a surprise visit from Matt & Ginny (you know, the proposal that has gotten over 18 million views). As you can see Ginny was a little excited.