Seersucker Suits and Wildflowers Wedding Photographs

A little over two weeks ago I had the joy of photographing Katrin & Matt’s wedding at Seaside Beach Florida. What an intimate ceremony on the beach and reception just a few blocks over.  I love photographing these weddings because the guests were not invited because of obligation but because of importance to the couple.

The details were simple elegance of wild flowers, seersucker suits and blue eyes.

Click here to see seaside beach wedding gallery  Password: Katrin’s maiden name

Click here to see wedding rehearsal Password: Katrin’s maiden name

My Interview On Atlanta Sales Talk Radio

A few weeks ago I got the great opportunity to be a guest on the Atlanta Sales Radio program hosted by Steve Cadley [@salesologist] along with guest Claudia Havi Goffan of Target Latino to talk about selling in this economy. This is a relatively new show that I think is a great resource for those whose business is based on sales. In fact, Steve the host, rightly says that everyone is in the business of selling. Why is that? Because selling is

about negotiating what you would like to happen. How many times have you had to “sell your idea” on where to eat amongst friends?  Also, there are many people who are looking to create a new business from what they love to do. The most important suggestion I gave in starting a business is to not go into debt but to also focus on running a business to make a profit. If you aren’t making a profit then you can’t feed your love to create a business.

Claudia Havi Goffan describes how “Word of Mouth” marketing is revolutionizing the world of marketing and Sales. She has great insights that would be a boon to any company who is looking to create a deeper influence from word of mouth. I love the story of her helping a company make money in a Latin American Country that had 4000% inflation. I’d say that’s a great case study.

The interview lasts about 45mins or so.

If I missed anything….let me know in the comment section

Host Steve Cadley brings over 20 years of dynamic leadership in sales, marketing and business management in organizations ranging from technology startups to Fortune 500 companies.  He has developed and managed multi-channeled sales environments leveraging process and accountability to deliver outstanding results.


A Wedding Photo From A Thousand Miles Away

I photograph Ben and Sheryl’s wedding a few months ago but what was unique was that Ben’s brother was in China and couldn’t attend. So what did they do…..SKYPE. So when it came time to take family photos we just maximized the screen and included him in the shot. Photo Tip: Always take the opportunity to do something a little different.

breast cancer photographer photos family

Puja And Tapan: Wedding Bursting With Indian Colors

I got a call from Snehal of  reve.ology event  to photograph Puja and Tapan engagement and wedding. I knew during the engagement session that this was a couple that I was going to enjoy being around. They had a traditional Indian wedding which the festivities lasted for two days. I loved the community of the two families and I’m looking forward to more traditional Indian weddings.

What else was amazing…the colors. Colors and fabric flowed and it was amazing. It was important that the photographs show the relationships among everyone. I always kept my camera up and my eyes open for family members who were communication with each other. Point and shoot shots of family members are nice to let you know who was at the event. Photographing interaction within that family will show connection and love.

This was one of the weddings from 4 weddings in 6 weeks post

Indian Wedding by breast cancer photographer storyboardlife



Christy And Keith Married As A Family Affair

Christy and Keith are one happy couple along with their children. This was one of the funniest family celebrations I have ever been to photograph. Family celebration? Normally you don’t hear that with a wedding but with Christy and Keith this was the case a Villa Christina. Their wedding was at 11am and many of their friends and family had children. Normally there isn’t much tolerance for many children running around at wedding but here there were plenty of things for the children to do. Dawn of Traditionally Modern designed a wedding that was elegant and kid friendly. There was a photo booth, caricature  artist and instead of a wedding cake there were plenty of cupcakes for everyones delight.  In addition, everyone had the pleasure of having a nice gourmet breakfast. I thought it was a nice touch that you don’t see very often. A big thanks to DJ Eric for bringing on the tunes. He’s one of the few DJ that can get anyone on the floor.

This was one of the weddings from 4 weddings in 6 weeks post

Villa Christina wedding photographed by breast cancer photo shoot photographer storyboard life

Four Weddings FINISHED In Six Weeks?

I’m not talking about I photographed four weddings and “gee I’m really tired.” I’m talking about four weddings FINISHED in six weeks as in the photographs are ready to be viewed FINISHED. In fact it is the policy of Storyboard Life to have the photographs ready to be viewed with the ratio 1 to 2.  This means if it takes a day to photograph the wedding then the photographs will be ready to be viewed within two weeks. I was a little ahead of the game. One of the four weddings was a two “dayer” so one could say that I finished 5 weddings in 6 weeks.

There are photographers who espouse  “photographing a wedding takes more than just a day.” Yes that is correct but I fear that most photographers use this as an excuse to procrastinate for months. If the truth be told theses photographers waited months before even looking at the photographs and only did so when they get a call from the groom about the timeline. The photographer says, “I’m almost done and you should have them within a week.” In a mad dash the photographer sits down and “creates art” in mere days. It seems that I might be on a rant and maybe I am but the fact is that photographers need to focus on getting the photographs right at the time of the click rather than “creating art” out of their mistakes.

Click on their names to see the weddings. Enjoy!

Liz & Ben  |  Christy & Keith  |  Sheryl & Ben  |  Puja & Tapen

Liz & Ben Wedding At Cathedral of Christ The King And Reception At Roswell Mill

I’ve known Liz for some time so when she approached me to photograph her awesome day with Ben I just had to make it work. They were married at Cathedral of Christ the King and their reception in Ivy Hall at Roswell Mill where we shot their engagement photos. The day couldn’t have gone any better other than a particular vendor causing us to get to the church an hour late. Which meant we only had 40 mins to photograph Liz and her brides maids and ben and his groomsmen. We got what we needed and the wedding went on without a hitch.

This was one of the weddings from 4 weddings in 6 weeks post

Liz and ben photographed by breast cancer photo shoot photographer storyboard life


Guffy’s Atlanta Portrait Session With Amy

Last year I has the great opportunity to photograph Guffey’s – Atlanta’s Finest Specialty Store for Men to feature the tailors, professional associates and space. Well, I stopped there again to photograph Amy who takes care of the formal studio that features wedding dresses from Anne Barge.  If you want an amazing wedding dress with superb customer service then Guffey’s is where you want to go. Here are some photos. BTY..What do you think about the shoes?

Lanier Anne Barge Wedding Dress Photo Shoot Part 1

Inspiration of the shoot By Dawn of Traditionally Modern

Romance in abundance.  The lazy days of Summer love was our inspiration for this shoot.  We love all the detail in the romantic picnic our couple is having on the dock.   Simple and intimate make romance come alive.

What a great shoot and great models to help out. What I liked about this was the simplicity of two people in love after their wedding spending some time together on a pier on a lake. The style of the shoot was more “commercial” than I would normally shoot but you have to remember that clients come in many personalities when it comes to wedding styles. There is a lot of detail when it comes to the peir set up so look here to see those photographs. Details, like nuances, are where personality comes out and it is the same here with the personality of the shoot.

The only problem with the shoot was the weather. As we were photographing the thunder was ringing loudly. So the entire shoot took about 20mins. I couldn’t afford to get “the shot” but sacrifice damaging an expensive dress.

Big thanks again to Make-Up-ARTIST A Face In Time, Styling: Traditionally Modern Wedding Planning & Design, Hair:Amber Hart and Guffeys for the Lanier by Anne Barge dress. Gorgeous on all counts. A big thanks to our model Jennifer and Josh Henry.

Dress: Lanier
Designer: Anne Barge
Color : Ivory
Silhouette : Fit/Flare
Neckline : Sweetheart
Hemline : Floor-Length
Description: Gown features a dropped bodice of lace and fuller skirt.

Fabric: Alencon Lace, Silk Satin Organza
Size: 0-26

Lanier anne barge wedding dress photo shoot


Blake Anne Barge Wedding Dress Photo Shoot

Do you know the three rules of awesomeness in Photography? ANSWER: Simplicity, Simplicity, Simplicity Sometimes you just need to let the model and the dress do the talking. That’s what happened here. No complicated background or distracting “cool wall.” I just let Chrissy feel the dress and respond accordingly.  Big thanks again to Make-Up-ARTIST A Face In Time, Styling: Traditionally Modern Wedding Planning & Design, Hair:Amber Hart and Guffeys for the Blake by Anne Barge dress. Gorgeous on all counts. A big thanks to our model Chrissy.

Dress: Blake
Designer: Anne Barge
Color : White, Ivory
Silhouette : Fit/Flare
Neckline : Strapless, Sweetheart
Hemline : Floor-Length
Description: Gown features a shirred elongated bodice with asymmetrically ruffled skirt accented by roses.
Fabric: Silk Organza
Size: 0-26


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