storyboardlife-familyWhen I was 18 I got lost in the Grand Canyon overnight.

I didn’t have a flashlight. I didn’t ask or tell my parents because I knew they would say no.

I spent the night & walked out the next morning. 8 hour walk down and a brisk 6 hour walk back up.

The determination, tenacity and faith that got me through that is still fueling me today. Inspiration for my life comes from my father who was a Navy SEAL and my grandfather who ran a business for 20 years even though he couldn’t read.

I love my son and my wife dearly.

I’m in business because I can’t stop thinking of ways to make the world better. I help people because many have took the time to helped me. I’m a photographer and author because people have stories that need to be heard but they don’t know how to tell them.

Two things that I want all my clients to know and believe, “I’m as close as your nearest phone” & “I’ll talk to you soon.”

Peter Provides:

  • Wedding Photographs your grandchildren will treasure.
  • Music Photography that your fans will rave about.
  • Personal and Family Portraits that showcase your unique selves.
  • Commercial Projects that resonate the heart of your message and passion.

I love people, and the best thing that I can do with a camera is help others preserve the story of their lives, families, and experiences for their future generations. Whether it’s a wedding, rock concert, or one awesome portrait and I want to help you share it with the world.”

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From traveling throughout the nation for his wedding clients to hopping on a plane and tour bus bound for sold out rock venues, Peter captures the special moments that can never and will never be repeated.


Peter’s photographic work has been featured in personal galleries, billboard campaigns, acclaimed artists’ album covers and received a 2011 International Award of Excellence for photojournalism portraiture. His Breast Cancer photo project was most recently featured here on


Peter is available for Weddings, Editorial & Rock N Roll assignments in GEORGIA, the other 49 states, any country in the World and/or the continent of ANTARCTICA.


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