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by Peter on October 11, 2007

When I first started photographing weddings three years ago, I had no clue how many wedding photographers there were in Atlanta let alone in the entire United States. I thought that there maybe a few here and there. BUT OH HOW WRONG I WAS!!! Oh boy, wedding photographers are like Santa Clause, “They’re everywhere, They’re everywhere!”No lie, I went to a wedding photography seminar in a nearby city and while waiting in line to introduce myself to the speaker, I noticed that the photographer next to me HAD THE SAME NAME AS ME! And like a kid shouted, “HEY, YOUR NAME IS MY NAME TOO!”Well, to say that he wasn’t amused was an understatement of at least the day. I felt really bad and embarrassed. Gee wiz dude, we’re in the same path trying to go to the same place. (I know, I know, maybe he had a bad day or that things weren’t going his way or maybe he just felt bad) I think the reason that some, most, or even a few photographers have a unwelcoming personality to “non-customers” is because everyone and their mom’s photographer is after the same type of client. Therefore, In some minds there are few brides to contact in the midst of all the photographers.Did you know that there are going to be no less than 30,000 weddings in Atlanta for 2007? Oh my, let’s do the math. Even 100 photographers couldn’t do the job well because most wedding photographers can handle somewhere between 30 – 50 weddings in a year. That would mean at an average of 30 a year there are more than 27,000 no going to have a profession-wedding photographer. This got me thinking. I don’t want to photographer every engaged couple or every wedding. For one, I can’t handle that many weddings and second, not all 30,000 brides would fit well with me.Just like in dating, not every photographer is right for every bride. Remember that the bride is hiring the photographer because of the photographer’s perspective and style. Not every photographer approaches the wedding the same. Therefore, you could have two photographers photographing the same wedding and in the end you would have to different photographic results.Some photographers are after every bride and engaged couple. WELL, I’M NOT!!!!!THERE I SAID IT!!! I am not after every bride that is engaged and getting married in Atlanta or the United States, or even in the World. My services are for those brides who want the ROMANCE BETWEEN HER AND HER MAN to be captured and documented for posterity. Not only that, every husband and wife need to have a wedding album that they can go and look and relive those moments. Sometime throughout the relationship that couple needs to have something to look at and remember their commitments and their love, romance, and passion for one another.WOW, I FELL BETTER now that I got that off my chest.SO PLEASE, IF YOU ARE A PHOTOGRAPHER please say hello when I say hello because I bet that you and I could be great pals.

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