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MovieStar Mom

by Peter on December 16, 2007

My mom is the greatest. She grew up in an impoverished home and her first language was Spanish and she didn’t know any English when she first went to school. She got married to my dad and had me while he was still in the NAVY. She then started working for the LAPD and retired as a Sargent after 20 years of service . Its so amazing to see this woman who I call, mom, tackle criminals to the ground and do some damage for justice. She then took some acting classes and has been seen in an Episode of Seinfeld, the movie, “As Good as it Gets”, and a few print Jobs for companies like Verizon. She just finished working with Forest Whitaker in the new movie, “Powder Blue” that I hear is coming out next January…..BUT WHO KNOWS. The important thing is that her part won’t be cut out. You never know what will stay in or be put on the DVD “deleted scenes.” Take a look at her information on IMDB

Stella Doyle

dog photography
Here is a photo that was shot of her.

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