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Books (Boundaries)

by Peter on December 20, 2007

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Christmas is just around the corner and you know what that means: family and friends. Although many of us look forward to this time there are others that are a little hesitant to do this. This may be because of past negative experiences, miscommunication, and unmet expectations. As a result, we tend to create either boundaries or no boundaries between those that we should have healthy loving relationships. Well, Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend address these problems in laymen’s terms and practical case studies for proper application. The book covers relationship pertaining to friends, family, marriage, and even yourself. It has given me insight to my behavior and my relationships with others so I think that it will be helpful to you. Here are the chapters:

Part 1 – What Are Boundaries?

1 – A Day in a Boundaryless Life
2 – What Does a Boundary Look Like?
3 – Boundary Problems
4 – How Boundaries Are Developed
5 – Ten Laws of Boundaries
6 – Common Boundary Myths

Part II – Boundary Conflicts

7 – Boundaries and Your Family
8 – boundaries and Your Friends
9 – boundaries and Your Spouse
10 – Boundaries and Your Children
11 – Boundaries and Work
12 – Boundaries and Your Self
13 – Boundaries and God

Part III – Developing Healthy Boundaries

14 – Resistance to Boundaries
15 – How to Measure Success with Boundaries
16 – A Day in a Life with Boundaries

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