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Crown Plaza Ravinia

by Peter on April 24, 2008

Crown Plaza Ravinia

I visited the Crown Plaza Ravinia that is located across the street from the Perimeter Mall today. I photographed there a few years ago for a radio conference and I really liked the facility. Sometimes a hotel can get a little old when you are there for a weekend conference, this is especially true with hotels in the middle of the city. Well, Well, Well, we got to head out to the back to the patio that has a bridge or two and a waterfall. You can just hang out there all day. I really liked it because if I ever get a chance to shoot a wedding there, then all the photographs can be taken on the premises and not have to travel somewhere else. I don’t even know where the nicest location would be around there that we could even go to take some photos. Besides if you can’t take the photographs outside because of the weather then go inside because it is t equally nice. Therefore, your photographer will have no excuse to take any bad photographs.

While there, I got to meet the event coordinator, Sonia Williams. She is awesome. Although I have never worked with her she sure does seem to be on top of things. I’ll put it this way. I would trust her with any event I was planning there. It was pretty clear after seeing everything that that was a place for a affluent bride. Take a look for yourself and specifically ask for Sonia to show you around. Here’s the link
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