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Tweets and Twitter were sitting in a tree

by Peter on April 26, 2008


Since Myspace came about and Facebook opened the floodgates to anybody and everyone social networking is a wave that companies are attempting to ride. The pro: You get to keep up with everyone faster, easier, and cheaper then ever before. The Con: they can do the same with you and it can get quite over whelming.
Enter stage left, “Twitter”
Twitter is a free account that focuses on the lowest common denominator theory of blogging, keep it short and sweet to the tune of 140 characters. What this means is that your network will not tell you story but simply what is on their mind and what they are doing. Twitter is so popular that even presidential candidates have accounts.
As with any blog, I can give you some thoughts or stories but not what I’m doing. So in the upper right hand corner I have included my twitter thoughts entitled, Tweet for the soul. Click the link and if you want sign on up.

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