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You Cannot Lose My Love

by Peter on June 13, 2008

Sara Groves Fly, You cannot lose my love

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While in college a friend of mine introduced me to the lyrics of Sara Groves. Her composition is simple but her lyrics are quite complex in its meaning. The song that troubled me as well as delighted me the most was, “You cannot lose My Love.” If you haven’t heard it yet then go to Itunes and pay the dang .99 cents to have your world rocked.. I have heard a number of stories about where the inspiration of this song came from but it seems that she is singing to one of her children. I think that the first line, “You will lose your baby teeth” makes a pretty strong argument for this. Well, here is what really moved me about this song. Although most of us will focus on the word, “love,” I think that the key word is really the word, “cannot.” and its relationship to the mother and its relationship to the child.

In short, Sara is explaining that you can only lose that which you have control over or at least that which you have in your possession. We lose our baby teeth, things, appetite, personal confidence, our innocence, and even your cognitive ability or grasp on reality. What the child cannot loose is the love of its mother. This is because the child has nothing to do with the fact that Sara decided to love her child apart from anything that the child has done or contributed.

This is why love is a very powerful, refreshing, as well as dangerous act. It is powerful in its scope because the lover is choosing to place value on the other person apart from anything that they have done apart from the fact that they simply exist. It is refreshing to know that there is someone who is willing to value my soul although I might disappoint. I do not have to worry that I will be devalued because of my bad decisions. Love is dangerous because the one loving is willing to place the other person’s best interests before one’s own interests. Love is not for the martyr mentality but for those who are willing to bring out the best or the other person so that they will have a better chance to be as they were meant to be.

There is no way that I can cover even a smidge of what this entails but I hope that it gives you something to think about in your own relationships.

Here are her lyrics:

You will lose your baby teeth

At times you’ll lose your faith in me

You will lose a lot of things

But you cannot lose my love

You may lose your appetite

Your guiding sense of wrong and right

You may lose your will to fight

But you cannot lose my love

You will lose your confidence

In times of trial your common sense

You may lose your innocence

But you cannot lose my love

Many things can be misplaced

Your very memories be erased

No matter what the time or space

You cannot lose my love

You cannot lose

You cannot lose

You cannot lose my love

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