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Eat Some Snickers Charged

by Peter on July 7, 2008

snickers charged energy bar

While heading to photograph a wedding at Bullock Springs Manor (bad website but nice place) my assistant and I (as usual) stopped by the gas station to pick up a red bull. While there I was pointed to snickers new energy bar. It had 60 milligrams of caffeine, taurine and other B vitamins (about 10% of your RDA). So I thought I would try it out with the redbull. Maybe its because of what’s in it but it is quite shorter that the regular snickers. This is not something that you are going to eat when you’re really, really hungry. I don’t think that I would by it again but it was interesting to know that snickers is trying to implyment the “energy drink” craze into their product. I’ll have to salute them for not trying to create an energy drink with the Snickers name on it

Often to many companies think that there name is so powerful that it can extend to virtually everything. The number one upset that I have had was when AT&T thought that it was okay to throw out the Cingular name when they bought them. IF I WANTED AN AT&T PHONE I WOULD HAVE GOTTEN ONE TO BEGIN WITH!

Well, Well, Well,…. I think I might have gone a little far on this one. Hope you had a great 4th.

BTY: If you would like to buy a case of snickers charged this click here.

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