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I’m going to the Winter Olympics, Vancouver 2010 that is!!!

by Peter on July 21, 2008
Winter Olympics 2010 vancouver canada

The last time I went to the Olympics was in Los Angeles in 1984. My Mom took my brother and me to see, of all things, the sport of jujitsu. She just wanted us to have that exposure so it really didn’t matter what sport we went to experience, so we went. Oh my, I can still remember how hot that day was. Well, the highlight of that day wasn’t the sport but was sound of sportscasters speaking in different languages from around the world. So, what did my brother and I do. We, made sure we walked in plain view of the cameras. I knew that none of my friends would see me but I, unlike my friends, would be seen on tv in other countries!

Since the WInter Olymipcs are going to be so close in two years, I thought that it would be good to start planning now. “Why,” do you ask. Because it is going to cost quite a bit of money and you want to get some tickets (Jet Set is the authorized ticket sales agent of the US Olympic Committee). for the really nice seats. I figure that if im going to get some figure skating tickets then i might as well try to get on the floor so that when some on does a salchow I will be there in frame giving a big double thumbs up for the world to see.

BTY: The Salchow is pronounced as Sow-Cow

So here is a list of the sports Im thinking about attending

Click here for the complete list of the 2010 Winter Olympic sports

I haven’t looked at the schedule yet but there is plenty of time for changes if need be. Since the first phase of tickets purchases will be allowed to Canadian Citizens then I best befriend a few. Have a great monday and fond memories of the weekend past.

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