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Thinkertoys: Creativity for Everyone

by Peter on July 23, 2008

thinkertoys: a handbook or creative-thinking techniques the book author is Michael Michalko

 ThinkerToys by Michael Michalko

Quote from the book:

– Warning: This Book is For Monkeys –

One thing that Capitalism does is reward those who are the most creative in creation, production, ROI, and efficiency of products and services that they want to sell. In the midst of all the registered trademarks and patents in the US and the world there is always room for more. The key is not to just think but to think in a way that creates ideas.

Thinking and creating ideas is more than just telling yourself to think or waiting for the next new idea to just bop you on the head. I remember talking to a college roommate of mine about this very idea. He told me about a company that helped other companies do this very thing. Here it is. Imagine yourself as a bee. (Stay with me now) Imagine yourself buzzing along in your back yard. You’re buzzing around and you come upon a very large house. This is your house. Now you must describe your house from the bee’s point of view (POV). You would describe every aspect of your house from the foundation to the roof. Once you have done this you would move on to describe the hose, the grass, and maybe even the toys your children left behind the previous day.

You begin to see the world differently and make observations that you have never thought about before. Well, Thinkertoys helps you do this.. It helps you think differently with the Who, What, When, Where, and How model. Even if you are not in the “arts” it is beneficial to everyone. Everyone wants to make their world a better place and even leave this world looking better than what it was when we entered it.  

This book is not meant to be read straight through so please do not think that you can. Like anything meaningful you must take your time to develop your creative side. Take a look at the book on Amazon. I think that it is selling around 13.00. Here are some other books that may interest you on this topic of creativity.

Here are the chapters:

  • Initiation
  • Part One: Linear ThinkerToys
  • Part Two: Intuitive ThinkerToys
  • Part Three: The Spirit of Koinonia
  • Part Four: EndToys

Any additional books I should look at about creativity?

Click on the image to read more information on Amazon.


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