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Why I hate TomTom

by Peter on August 5, 2008

Garmin GPS

You know…I used to love my TOM TOM… BUT NOT ANYMORE. If you didn’t know already…I am a wedding photographer and as such I have to travel to different parts of the city and until I am rich enough to not do so, I have to drive myself. Well, I was getting ready to leave a few hours early to a wedding last friday make sure that I got to the church on time to set up shop and get down to the business that I like to do.  Well, Well, Well….I eagerly tap, tap, tapitied the address into my exbeloved GPS TOMTOM and it informed me that that address doesn’t exist. DID NOT EXIST!!!???? Please keep in mind that this particular church has been on the topographical books for lets say……a good 20 years! You see TOMTOM politely asked me for the state, city, street name, and the street number of this particular well mature address. To my surprise, it told me otherwise.  Well if it doesn’t like your street number it will give you some random number that may or may not exist on the map!!

semi-truck, transfer truck


So I couldn’t find the church. So what did i have to do? I had to call a friend of mine to give me directions to the church. I just wanted to chunk that GPS out the window under the nearest semi! Well I got to the church on time before photos….at least 40mins before. Remember, I always prepare for the worst and make sure that I leave a good solid 1-2 hours before I normally would. So if you’re going to get a GPS…i suggest a Garmin.

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