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Curse You TOMTOM, Curse You!!!

by Peter on August 11, 2008



Ok Ok Ok….I really didn’t throw the TOMTOM under the Bus or even a semi but I’d about had it last night. I was trying to find a house and low and behold (SURPISE, SURPRISE, SURPRISE) when I typed in the address….it might as well said….


“Guess what dude…your the looser that bought me and now I am going to make sure i don’t meet or resemble any expectation that you thought that you might have with me!!”

That’s right it didn’t know the address. The road that I was looking for is quite short so just as long as I can get to the road then I will be fine. Well, Well, Well. I soon realized, just like Colbie, that things weren’t going as I expected and that I need to do something about it. Because the fact of the matter is that TOMTOM or rather DUMDUM was having me driving in circles and So I had to call a friend again to give me directions. So now this is going to get really ridiculous. I am heading to the Myrtle Beach this weekend and I might just try to use this GPS contraption again or maybe just have it as my new swimming partner.





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