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Mandatory Metallica and Their New Album Death Magnatic

by Peter on September 4, 2008

Oh the Childhood Memories

For the past month XM Radio has had a dedicated station to playing nothing but Metallica 24/7 “Mandatory Metallica on XM Radio” I pretty much grew up with Metallica in my formative years of middle and high school. I didn’t know what the lyrics were about but I liked the sound and at that point in a young man’s life that is all that mattered. Well, I guess I made a relatively good decision in choosing a favorite band. Metallica has been around now for about 20 – 25 years and still going strong. They still perform shows that can easily hit the 5 figure mark in attendance. Every so often on XM they will play a short interview of one of the members of the band. I heard lead guitarist, Kirk explian how he thought that James was such a good parent to his children. What a funny thought of James being a parent and dad. In fact Kirk made the point in saying that they want to make sure that family comes first so much that their tour schedule will typically be one week on and one week off. This will ensure that there is amble time to watch their families grow and be involved with them.

Welcome home (Sanitarium) was the first song that I heard and sold me on Metallica. I think that I went and bought the TAB for the guitar before I even had a guitar. Iphone users click here for the Sanitarium video


Here is the video for “I disappear” from Mission Impossible 2. Iphone users click here for the I Disappear video


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