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My Compassion International Daughter

by Peter on September 12, 2008

While in college I sponsored a Compassion kid for a few years. At one point i was sponsoring around 5 kids at one time for about a year or two. Well, I was too much of a zealous college kid and got over my head and had to put a stop to the sponsorship. Well, obviously I am in a financially different place and thought, “Gee, I should sponsor another kid.” So I went to Compassion’s site (which I’ve never been) and was surprised at how easy it was to get information of the children. (BTY, you can see the child that i picked)

If there is a particular country that you want to choose they you have that option in addition to the gender of the child. For me it was to find a very poor country and a girl. There were a number of the more recognizable countries but I ran across Burkina Faso. That’s what I said, Burkina Faso? I then chose a female. I soon found out that Faso is a country heavily effected by AIDS.

A list came up and one little girl had an asterisk next to her age of 5. Found out that this is her approximate age because they didn’t know. Kinda sad, huh. I figured she would be a great addition to my home.

During the early college years, I did have a few people ask me either why I decided I would be a sponsor and why did most of the children I sponsored girls.

Here’s the reason:

All I did was wake up one day and find that I live in a country and a family that offered me a number of opportunities if I was just willing to get out and try. If I wanted to succeed then I could and if I just wanted to sit around and fail then I could do that as well. God, did not have a sit down talk with me and give me a map of all the locations and families that I could choose to be a part of when i was born. For whatever reason I was born in a blessed family and a citizen of a blessed country. These children have not.

Also, females like in most countries in Africa do not have the opportunities to create income and make themselves greater than where they came from like a female can do here in the USA. Males in just about any country can be relatively successful (of course in relation to the females opportunity to be successful).

There have been a number of people who have helped me along the way to become better than where I came from. Do not misunderstand me. I am not putting down my home town. However, there is always an opportunity to become better than where you came from so that you can go back or at least contribute more than generations before did.

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