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I Will to I Do Atlantan Brides at King Plow Arts Center

by Peter on September 17, 2008

If you didn’t attend the “I will to I do” Atlantan Brides event then you missed a great event with even greater food and entertainment. Food was supplied by Bold American Events and Catering and the food was out standing! The event was held at King Plow Arts Center. I was full of anticipation of unknown expectations. Well, unknown other than it was going to be great. But once I stepped in those expectations were exceeded. Last year’s Atlantan Brides Event included a runway show that told a story about a couple from their first meeting to the time they said, “I do!” This year was totally different and that’s what I like. No reason to do the same thing great two years in a row when you can do a change up and still exceed expectations. I had an engagement session that Sunday morning at the Botanical Gardens in Athens so once I was finished I hurried myself back to the condo to get ready for the some Bridal Luxury.

Genevieve and I headed on over to the King Plow Arts Center and were first meet with Holly from Atlantic Limousine Service. Holly was great in talking about what they did. One thing that I noticed about here was her attention to detail in what she here’s couples talk about. She knows that the types of transportation really speaks about the couple’s style and taste. So, I highly recommend Atlantic Limousine for your wedding. Oh! Also, she told me that they had a bus that was especially conducive to wedding parties. Apparently it is like a party limo bus. No longer do you have to feel like you are on a school bus because it is open seating like a limo so you and your bridesmaids do wrinkle up you dresses. Wonderful isn’t it!!!????

Once we got in, I’ll be honest I was a little confused. Well, there was bar and a few vendors. But then I heard the music from“Rhythm Nation” of East Coast Entertainment. Let me tell you that this band never stopped entertaining. They entertained singing fast paced songs as well as slower ones such as “Georgia.” The lead singer even jumped off the stage to interact with everyone. I thought that that was a nice touch.
The Models were all around wearing the gowns for the season. Very nice one I may say. One thing I love about wedding dresses is not the dress itself but why the bride choose that particular dress. Every bride that I meet I ask her about the wedding dress. It is important to her that she finds the “right” one. As a result I make sure that I find out why she liked that dress and photograph it accordingly. Here are a list of places you will want to visit ( in alphabetical order)

Also, got to meet up with Celeste from the Atlantan Brides Magazine and Jami from the Atlantan Magazine. Celeste no doubt truly cares about the affluent bride and makes sure that all the vendors in the Atlantan Brides magazine have the talent and ability to makes the most important day of her relationship with her “forever” truly and event that she and he will remember forever.

I first met Jami when she called me about photographing her wedding. I was excited about photographing it when she told me about her and Michael. All of the sudden the hatchet fell. She wanted a date that I had already signed a contract for. So I photographed their engagement session. They are really a great couple and the engagement shoot was a little different. So much so that I dropped my camera into a river!!!!! Ask her about it.

Just to make sure let me give you some other vendors that I can call friends.

Infinite Designs: Doc Waldrop has won more awards for his events and lighting that he could bring them all to put on his table. He is truly a nice guy who happens to have about 30 years experience in the business. This boy just doesn’t mess around. I was amazed at his work and what he is able to do with any venue. If you want you and your guests to experience your perfect wedding theme then Doc is the one that you have to see. Don’t be silly and wait. Call him up. (404) 379.7277

Teuscher (Chocolates of Switzerland): to be honest I’m not that interested in chocolates. HOWEVER, I am a changed man. John from Teusher gave me a small sample of some unknown chocolate. Oh my, when I put that in my mouth that chocolate cube just melted in my mouth. It was an experience I really hadn’t had before. It was like experiencing a true work of art for the first time. Money is not going to be a consideration when I visit his store. Oh yeah, it was that good!!! Besides, If Opera likes them…then you know they have to be “oh so good.”

Sandi (the paper star): Sandi was featured in the inaugural issue of the Atlantan Brides where she had to create an invitation that matched the cake. I thought to myself, “WHAT A GREAT IDEA.” Let every aspect and detail of your wedding theme connect with everything else. Take a Look at Sandi’s work and give her a call.

Adaptation (Evolution in Floral Design)

Events with Grace: Visit the website and you will see why Lauren knows exactly what she is doing. Attention to detail in every level. Give her a call.

If you went or a vendor or even any experience with any of these vendors please leave a comment

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