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Redbull Cola? Bad Idea, RedBull, Bad Idea

by Peter on October 18, 2008

I don’t think that I have been this mad and hot about misguided branding since AT&T thought that it would be a good idea to kick the loyal followers in the ______ when it said adios to CINGULAR. HEY, Earth to AT&T, If people wanted AT&T they would have gone to AT&T. It’s on the same level as the kid who actually believes his, “love of his life and even forever” when she says that she would break up with her current boyfriend if she could (to date this poor soul) but things are complicated but ensures the boy that she really does like him.

IT’S OFFICIAL, I AM OFFERING MY SERVICES TO REDBULL AS THE SENIOR VP OF MARKETING. So when this “cola” goes down in flames I’ll be there, NOT to pick up the pieces but to sweep those ashes away and get back to the business of focusing on the brand and creating even more loyalty to the niche. Here are some reasons I think they created this dasterdly cad of a drink.

They are tired of creating an energy drink with a kick. The company has been around since 1984. That is a long time to focus on one product and create events around it. Marketing people want to market a whole bunch of stuff. So to break the cycle a company will create “brand extension” as an excuse. Listen, there is nothing wrong with brand extension SO LONG AS IT IS WITH THE NICHE!!!!!!! Remember Listerine? The mouthwash with a bite and a kick all at the sametime. Well, when all the other companies start having a softer side to mouthwash Listerine thought that it was missing out. They fell in with the hype and created a softer side to the punch. How did it do? Well, you don’t see it on the counter do you. Well, people buy listerine for the kick. If they didn’t want the kick they wouldn’t have bought it.

Ok, OK back to the “cola.” Oh, let me ask you. What do you think when you hear of the word cola? Does it resonate anything close to Redbull’s Brand? NOPE, NOPE, and again NOPE! Lets look at the can.

  • Can looks like RedBull, Check
  • Redbull decals, Chec
  • Color Scheme, almost like Pepsi. Red, White, and Blue?
  • Unfamiliar and equally unconnected word “Cola.” This sounds like an offbrand “cola” from the .50 vending machine at Wal-Mart.

Maybe they thought that parents weren’t letting their kids drink the “hard stuff” so they created a “softer side” to get the parents vote, EARTH TO REDBULL!!!! Dear Redbull, do you think that the niche of your sporting events that you sponsor is for kids who want to obey their parents. Kids who do typically don’t do stunts!!!!!! But what do I know? I haven’t even tasted it and I’M NOT GOING TO TASTE IT. I’m even a little upset about the company diluting the brand. YEAH, you heard me. If you don’t understand let me give you a real life case study:  NEW COKE!!!!! But you won’t have to worry about riots in the street because Redbull is not for the mass market. It will never be for the mass market and if it does try to be everything to everyone then it will be nothing to no one.

If there needs to be a “natural cola” then let Coke handle that. Here is the “home stretch” to my tirade. The dilution of the brand is given right on the website. I’m going to write the issues I have with what they are saying as you read them and then I am going to call it a day. If it is Bold then it is from the website.

Why RedBull Cola? (implied question on the website)

  1. Why not? (Then why should you? Ask your mom, “Hey Mom, I’m going to jump off a bridge. Why Not?)
  2. And we simply believe that a cola can also be made from natural ingredients. Just like back in the old days. (What are you talking about? Redbull started in 1984! Wait of Gosh minute, who is Redbull trying to be. The only colas in the “old days” were maybe COKE, Pepsi, and some weird “root bear”)
  3. The cola from Red Bull can do without a secret formula. On the contrary: all our ingredients are listed on the back of the can. )Hey Redbull, maybe I should get a glass write “dirt” on it and hand it to you and remind you that “there’s no secret formula here.” IS THIS ALL THAT YOU CAN GIVE ME?????)
  4. Thanks to its special recipe, the cola from Red Bull is not just a cola, but a cola of a special kind: strong and natural. (I REPEAT “NEW COKE” “NEW COKE” “NEW COKE” “NEW COKE” “NEW COKE”)


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