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How to Fail, How to Succeed (Pt.3)

by Peter on November 18, 2008

This is the third installment of “How to fail, How to Succeed” series. If you haven’t been keeping up you can visit How to fail, How to Succeed Pt. 1 and How to fail, How to Succeed Pt 2 to get caught up. The topic today will be No. 5 and 6. No. 7 will be dealt with more in depth in Pt 4. REMEMBER: please comment on anything that you think that I may have missed.

Characteristics of a goal:

  1. Goals can be anything you want them to be:
  2. Goals must be realistic.
  3. Definite and without interpretation
  4. Write your goal down and memorize it
  5. Create an advisory board
  6. What you are going to give in return so that you will reach your goal?
  7. What is your definite plan to reach your goal.

4. Write your goal down and memorize it

Although you may have created a realistic goal and even a plan to accomplish that goal, it will soon disapear if you do not write it down and memorize it. This accomplishes two things. Writing it down will cause you to come to the terms of the reality of it. It is one thing to think it, it is far different to have it staring back at you written in your own hand. Writing it down helps you put it into perspective as well. Confronting the reality of it will let you see if it is truly possible and if there are gaps that you need to think about and fill.

In addition, memorize your goal. Be able to recite it to anyone at a moments notice. This way if two opportunities present itself you will have a better chance in choosing the one that best fits your goals.

5. Create an advisory board

Once you have your definite goal written down, it is important to choose two to three people for your advisory board  or in the words of Napoleon HIll, a “Master Mind” to help you accomplish your goals.   Just as it is true that “Birds of a feather flock together” so is it true that an advisory board can make or break you from accomplishing your goals. You must surround yourself with those who support you and have your best interests in mind, who are willing to offer unsolicited constructive criticism, and who have the background/education to support your weaknesses and warn you of potential “hazards” in your thinking.

No one can claim that they have complete knowledge on everything they want to accomplish. All people have strengths and weaknesses. It is important that you properly identify your strengths and weaknesses. Once you know your weaknesses then go find those who have those strengths.

For example, if you are interested in starting a retail business but have weaknesses in locating and purchasing land for your store then you would choose those you trust that have a background in starting successful retail businesses as well as business lawyers and commercial real estate agents.

Your advisory board is not just for businesses but also for your personal life. Maybe your goal is to be the best father that you can be for your daughter. You have seen too many fathers “work” their way out of a relationship with their daughters with the excuse of financial stability and you don’t want to be one of those fathers. You would first find and befriend those fathers in your workplace that have good relationships with their daughters. In addition, you will want to find fathers who have already gone through the trials and now have daughters who are out of the house.

No matter what your goals are you there are more than enough people who are more than willing to help you accomplish your goals. Meet with them regularly in order to ask questions and get advice. It is important to get objective advice to insure that you are on the right path.

AN IMPORTANT NOTE ON BOOKS: A leader of any significance will read a wide variety of books. These books should cover topics that are related and indirectly related to your goals. I cannot over emphasize the importance of reading. If you are the father attempting to reconnect with his daughter then you will read books on father/daughter relationships as well as books on healthy family relationships.

6. What you are going to give in return so that you will reach your goal?

I know that his may sound a little elementary but there is a price that must be paid in order for you to reach your goals. No matter what your goals are you will have to give something up and invest something in order to reach your goals. This most likely will not come easily. If you are attempting to loose weight then you must pay the price of not eating those foods that are unhealthy for your body. However, you will invest in purchasing foods that will give proper sustenance to your body, as well as, invest your time and money in either a gym membership or regular cardio activities.

You must take time to plan what it is that you will give to reach your goals and consult with your advisory board about ideas to do so. Create a time line and success points that will help you keep track of your progress. Discipline and your desire to reach your goal will be your motivational friends.

What are your thoughts on goals?

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