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by Peter on December 30, 2008

Ok, OK..I didn’t take this photograph and this is not a photograph of me either (properly pronounced as I-ther).  However, what I did is going to become quite clear. I stole the blog title, intent, purpose, and over all meaning and feel of this post from (my soon to be friend, well hopefully) Alisa of Project Happily Ever. What’s great about this blog is her thought provoking ideas about keeping the marriage as it was intended to be. She is honest about where her relationship was and not being satisfied with it …. well she did something about it. 

Her most recent post got my attention because of the New Year Resolutions post i just put up a few days ago. 101 goals in 1001 days  New Year Resolutions exist because we know that we are lacking in areas in our life that we don’t want to lack anymore. We want to loose weight because we don’t want to nor do we think we should weigh as much as we do. We want to spend less because we don’t want to live a life that is bound to the purchases that we thought would set us free or at least make us feel better about where we were in life. In short, we create resolutions so that we become resolute in making healthy (mentally, physically, emotionally, with relationships, and anything else that we need to work on) decisions for lifestyle progression.

Well, It’s the same for relationships. Just as we want to grow personally and become what we know we should become so it is with marriages and meaningful relationships. We often take for granted those that we “love” because we are selfish and take advantage of the other person’s willingness to give us a little bit of their heart. This of course is not love at all but greed. (ponder that one)

Before I list Alisa’s 12 Resolutions, take a few minutes and think about your own marriage and relationships. Where are they lacking? Are you unhealthy in your interactions with others? By now you are already think of something, aren’t you?

Without further ado here are 9 of Alisa’s 12. If you want to see all then you’re going to have to vist the site. 
1.    I will hug my spouse at least once a day.

2.    I will thank my spouse at least once a day.

3.    I will get down and dirty with my spouse at least once a week.

4.    When I am mad at my spouse, I will tell him. I will not make him guess.

5.    When I want my spouse to do something, I will ask rather than pray for divine intervention.

6.    I will accept that which my spouse cannot change and, possibly, even learn to find it endearing.

7.    I will remember his birthday.

8.    I will, every once in a while, let him sit in the recliner, even if I had it first.

9.    I will seduce him once a month.

10.    I will watch BBC’s Top Gear with him on multiple occasions. I will not allow myself to appear bored, and I will not suggest we watch a Law & Order rerun instead.

Don’t wait. And start making them. Leave your thoughts as comments and then visit happily ever after. 

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