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LINKY FRIDAY 2009 (Week 1)

Your Life Story in 2009

by Peter on January 1, 2009

AH…the first day of 2009 and the sun hasn’t even come up yet. I have written a few posts on the topic of new year resolutions. So why am I writing another on on the first day? Well, I’m writing because it is not only on a different angle but this post is going to go deeper than just the perfunctory goal or two. The name of the website is, “Storyboardlife” and it came about because of how I envisioned my own life pertaining to wedding photography. A storyboard is created for a movie to visually map out a time line for an entire story through photographs and drawings. Each photograph on that time line has a history and a definite path to reach its denouement. Every specific  photograph exists because of the previous photographs. Remember looking at old family photographs or family albums? (If you haven’t go look at them after reading this post.) Each photograph speaks about the individuals and the family’s history at that particular moment. As you move through those photos you see that time line. You remember specific times and what your feelings were. You see those you don’t remember or haven’t spoken to for years and wish you had more time.

Before my father died he categorized all our family photos into albums and then dedicated one of the rooms in the house to store them. Man, what a site to see when I revisit them. I have three brothers so my dad created an album for the each of us. There are a few albums of my dad while he was a Navy Seal. There are even older photographs and albums of my grandmother and grandfather. Each of these photographs and albums serve as my family’s Storyboard. What’s your Storyboard. What’s your life story? Where is it that you want to be? I have written over and over again that I want to live a life that would make my grandchildren proud. If that is part of my Storyboard then there is going to be a visual time line of what that looks like. For example, if I am going to make my grandchildren proud then I am going to be faithful to my wife. I am going to create an environment where she can trust and connect with me emotionally and I with her. When I have children, I am going to rear them such that they are prepared to be productive citizens and contribute in meaningful ways. They are going to know and feel the love and trust of their parents. In return, my children will rear my grandchildren in the same manner.  I want my grandchildren to hear stories that Grandma and Grandpa stood the test of time and lived a life that will serve as an example to others on how to Love.

I photograph weddings because creating a new family is one part of a Bride and Groom’s Storyboard. The photographs and albums they receive are all part of that one photograph on their Storyboard time line. I don’t tell the Bride and Groom that I photograph their wedding so that they will relive it over and over again. I tell them that I photograph their weddings for the benefit of their family’s history and their grandchildren’s enjoyment.

Think on these questions:

  1. What is your life story?
  2. What is it that you want your grandchildren or those two generations from now to know about you?
  3. Is there anything that you need to ENHANCE or BEGIN that you haven’t in order to fulfill your Storyboard Life?
  4. Is there anything that you need to END that you haven’t in order to fulfill your Storyboard Life.

What would you add that I may have missed and would like to include in addition to your thoughts?

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