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The Movie Powder Blue, Forrest Whitaker, Jessica Biel, and My MOM

by Peter on January 3, 2009

It’s been some time since I wrote anything about my mom (Stella Doyle). She is (hopefully) in the upcoming movie Powder Blue that is Directed by Timothy Linh Bui and includes actors such as  Forrest Whitaker and Jessica Biel. I use the word hopefully because you never know what they are going to cut out. Her scene with  Forrest Whitaker is in the trailer (although she is not shown in the trailer) and sometimes what goes into a trailer is not what comes out in the movie. We’ll see. Honestly, no matter if I go to opening night with her, I am still going to go to the movie theater and record my mom’s part and load it up on here for the world to see.

I am soo proud of my mom because she has worked soo hard going to acting school and then getting herself out to audition for commercials and movies.  What’s even cooler is that she goes to auditions that are not specifically looking for her “type.” This is how she got the part in a Northstar commercial. She thought she would like to do that……..and “WHAM” she got it. Now she’s not a mega star but she got to do what most people only wish they they did. What was that? Well, she had a speaking part with Forrest Whitaker in a movie that bunches of people are going to see. I think that is dang cool. She has worked extremely hard and it has made me one a proud son.

Here is a summary of the movie from IMDB:

Several Angelenos meet on Christmas Eve through chance, tragedy and divine intervention. Swayze will play the sleazy owner of the strip club where Biel’s character dances. Redmayne will portray a mortician who falls in love with her. Kristofferson will play the head of a corporate crime organization who tries to convince his former employee (Liotta) not to seek vengeance on his former co-workers. Whitaker, who also serves as a producer on the film, will play a suicidal ex-priest. Newcomer Alejandro Romero will play a transsexual prostitute who shares an unexpected bond with the priest.

This is definitly a movie that won’t be for everyone but I’m going to go see it because my mom is just that awesome AND to say that your mom is an actor……I know…….real cool!

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