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by Peter on January 6, 2009

I am going to give you a post of 3 Parts and then I’m going to sum up the point.

Part 1.

I don’t know about you but I don’t like to borrow books from the public library.  I always write in the them (paragraphs at times) because I like to keep my notes in a place I can remember where they are. What better place than the book in which the notes are about?  Well, I was looking through on of my books, “The Invisible Touch” by Harry Beckwith and came across a few sentences that I wrote a few years back. BTY the book is about selling within the service industry.

Sit down with people and focus on them. Ask what they want or would like to have. Ask them about there dreams. Ask about their past positive experiences and of those experiences which would they do all over again. Once you have that information….do something about it. You may not be able to give them everything but you can sure give them some experience that resembles it.

Part 2.

I bought the 5 Disk BBC series “Planet Earth” this past weekend so that I could watch something new while I edited photos. This morning was the DVD on Birds and their mating habits. Well, I don’t know about you but I think the birds in the amazon and penguins from Antarctica are quite silly when they try to find a mate. The male bird will work so hard and put on a grandiose show just for the opportunity to attract the female. He may spend weeks tidying up the nest so that no detail is not overlooked and everything has and is in its proper place. And when the day finally comes that she takes a closer look, she may just find him wanting and leave.

Well, I don’t understand this at all. And I suppose it’s because I don’t want to have a relationship with a bird.

Part 3.

My dad always told me that,”we always do what we want.” He meant that if you wanted to be successful in life then you would do those things that would make you successful. If you wanted friends that would be a positive influence then you would find those types friends. Well, it’s the case with priorities too. We work so hard for things we don’t even like so that we can perpetuate the cycle over and over again. I heard one person say that they go to work everyday so that they can make money, so that they can life a lifestyle that forces them to go back to work again.

Priorities are those things that are important to you that are important enough that you are willing to do something about it.  Priorities should never be things. Things are tools that help you reach your goals and help keep your priorities your priorities.

In short:

Relationships are the foundation to the service industry. No one is going to pay more just to pay more. In like manner no one is going to pay with their heart and emotions just to do so. To build relationships with those around you you have to get to know them. How many times have we just glazed over a comment that was important to another person? How many times do we just focus on ourselves because it’s just easier to do so and that the other person is just going to have to understand?

I’m not a bird so I don’t care what a female bird or any other bird is looking for. However, if I am to connect with another person then I am going to have to connect in such a way that they will want to connect with me. Isn’t that the definition of communication? Far too many times we think that just because we did something or said something that people should listen or connect with us.

Communication is all about the other person. When you communicate you are entering someone’s world and asking them to connect with yours. What do you think of someone who is yelling at you with nice words? Do you accept them or do you get defensive. I would think defensive.  It doesn’t matter what was said. The fact of the matter is that that communication was not one that asked you to connect.

Where are your priorities in connecting and communicating? Are there those that you need to connect with but haven’t … even though you have told your self to do so over and over?

Go ahead and make the important a necessity. What are your thoughts?

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