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FIRST OF ITS KIND EBOOK: “Finding Your Perfect Wedding Photographer”

by Peter on January 19, 2009

It has been a long time coming but I finally finished (with much editing help) my ebook, “Finding Your Perfect Wedding Photographer.” This ebook gives times and advice on how to find your perfect wedding photographer within weeks rather than months. With so many photographers entering the wedding industry it is going to be more and more difficult for brides to become confident in their choice.  Just like every couple has a Signature to their relationship so does the photographer have a Signature to their photographic style. If these do not match then the Bride is going to be disappointed that a lot of money was spent on photographs (which she hates)  that cannot not be taken again. Sign up on the website (on the RT Hand Side) and you will receive a link to the PDF and will automatically be signed up on the website for the StoryboardLife newsletter.

Here are the table of contents:

Chapter 1: Where to Start    5
The Signature    5
Movies    6
Worksheet 1.1    6
Magazines    6
Worksheet 1.2    6
Chapter 2: A Pin in a Haystack    7
Searching on the Web    7
Friends and Family    8
Vendors    8
The Photographers’ Website    8

Chapter 3: The Call    10
Contacting your Prospective Photographer    10
Calling the Photographer    10

Chapter 4: Location, Location, Location    12
Your Venue    12
Domestic and International Travel    12
Destination Photographer:    13
Your Local Photographer:    13

Chapter 5: Loosing Your Soul    15
Contracts and Expectations    15

Chapter 6: Your Choice    17
It’s Easier Than You Think    17

About the Author:    18

Worksheets    19
Worksheet 1.1, 1.2    19
Magazines    20
What Do You Want?    21
Photographers    21
Vendor Policies    22
Ceremony Venue #1    22
Ceremony Venues #2    23
Ceremony Venue #3    24

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