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Pet Airways For Your Best Friend And Your Wedding

by Peter on July 13, 2009

Every so often a Bride and Groom will want to celebrate their upcoming nuptials with their very best friend, the family pet.  Often times, the couple will just bring the pooch along the ride to the ceremony and then to the reception.  But what happens when a domestic destination wedding is involved where you can’t just drive? 

Instead of putting your pet in the cargo hold (if they fly commercial)  why not allow your pet to ride in syle like you and your guests?  Welcome,  Pet Airways is a new company that is determined to change the face of pet transporation across the bright blue American sky.  

What I really like about Pet Airways is that there are pottie breaks throughout the flight and if there are any delays with your flight you’ll know that your pet is not sitting in some warehouse ruing the day you adopted  them but hanging out with pet lovers.

Up till I went to college I have always enjoyed my pets and I am looking forward to getting an Irish Fox Hound and/or a Great Dane….(you know us big dogs have to stick together).  Well, up until know I think that I would have some grave reservations about making any reservations with an airlines that transported them in anything that had the world “cargo” attached to it.  The fact of the matter is that just because my pooch may be named Samson doesn’t mean he should be treated like a samsonite!!!!

Thank you Pet Airways for your entrepreneurial spirit and for loving the dog who inspired you!

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