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Free WiFi, Delta and Third Day Video

by Peter on January 31, 2010

I photographed third day late last year for their last week on the Revelation Tour. While getting on the plane Delta offered free try-before-you-buy wifi to passengers. Since there was nothing to loose I took it and once we were up in the air I took our the macbook and tried it out. In short, I was supper impressed. Although it wasn’t supper fast like I might find on a college campus or even at my home it worked extremely well! Of course, the purpose of wifi on the plane is to make extra cash for the airlines but i think all it will do is annoy the customers. It reminds me of the in flight headsets we used to get to hear the movie that was playing. Now those headsets are free. I think that if an airlines wants to make more cash then they are going to have to offer more free “stuff” that the customer “can’t live without.” like the internet. Think about it. How annoyed do you get when you go into Starbucks to work through the web and they want to charge you? Most of use will get annoyed and lookout for another place that we can become patrons with free wifi. So I think what will happen is that the airlines will finally figure out late in the game that if they offer free wifi to all its customers then more customers, specifically business customers, will prefer and demand to fly with them.
Well, here’s my vid of my first experience with wifi on delta…..ENJOY.

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