I'm Heading To Haiti Today
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Heading For Haiti Today

by Peter on February 6, 2010

As long as there are no airline cancellations, I will be stepping on a plane for Haiti today about 6pm tonight. This post will serve two purposes. 1) To let visitors know that I am not lazy and not posting but that I am out of the country and 2) To update all my supporters. Just to warn you this is going to be a little rushed since I have to get a few more things together.

Here’s an email for a little context of the terrain and environment that we will be going to:

If you flight is canceled or delayed and will NOT make it to the DR before Sunday, you will need to cancel your ticket and reschedule for another trip. We cannot make arrangements for Sunday pick-ups in the DR because the teams are leaving out at 2:30am Sunday morning. If your flight does not arrive on Saturday you will not make it in time for the bus.

If you do have to cancel your ticket, you should have one year to use it and we will be happy to reschedule you for another Haiti relief trip. Hopefully this won’t be an issue for anyone.Also, we received this e-mail from our missionaries on the field today. Please take into consideration the following recommendations:

Hey guys, please email the people who are coming to Haiti and tell them to bring as many snacks: granola bars, peanut butter, trail mix, etc as they can bring in their ONE backpack.  They will need snacks to live on during the week since they will probably only get one meal a day of rice and beans.

Also bring:

Bug Spray
Sleeping bag
Matt for sleeping bag
Mosquito net if you have one
Baby wipes  (Bathroom facilities are extremely limited)
Two changes of clothes

Also, our destination will be Fond Parisian, Haiti to work with Love A Child Hospital so hopefully I’ll get to play with the kids.

Talk to you soon,


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