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Cracked Mac Screen Review

by Peter on April 2, 2010


Disclaimer: I have not been paid or given anything to write this review.

A few weeks ago I closed my macbook pro for the night after editing a recent wedding. Unbeknownst to me I left my Sandisk CF Cardon the keyboard and pretty much cut the screen. It left a rather large black dot on the screen and pixels coming out all over the place . As you can image my heart sunk. Here I had a 17in screen that has now become a 15.5in screen! UG! Well, I took it over to Apple and their charge to fix it was $800.00! Now I’m not going to get into branding but Apple can charge high $$$$$ for an intact Macbook Pro experience but when it comes to parts….THERE IS NO EXPERIENCE TO UP THE COST! So I searched the net and found CRACKEDMACSCREEN.COM!

It has a great website and it’s extremely easy to navigate to find exactly what you are looking for. I first clicked on pricing. For my 17in Macbook Pro it was 499.00 and if I was not in their local area I would be sent an overnight box to pack the mac and then ship it. This was certainly reasonable considering that Apple was going to charge me 800.00 to have it fixed within 5 or so days.  I don’t think that I’m codependent but I didn’t think I could spend that long without it, I do have a business to run you know. Cracked Mac Screen’s home base is in PA so obviously I wasn’t local. So I called the number on the screen and to my surprise someone answered. Not just any someone but the guy who runs the business. You might think, “Some business if the owner is the one who is answering the phone.” My answer, “When you call my business and want ME to photograph your wedding then I’d rather be the one answering the phone.” Trevor is his name and he is very thorough in his communication with me and very very prompt. Here’s the time line:

Static Free Bag

Sunday: spoke on the phone about the process and his business. He sent me an email requesting my address so that a FREE FED EX box could be sent to pick up my Mac.

Monday: called Trevor and gave my contact info and address so that he could send the FED EX box over night to me

Snug As A Bug In A Rug

Tuesday: The box arrived about 9:30am.  Inside the box was two repair forms (one for me and on to be left in the box), a static fee bag for the MAC, and the free shipping slip for the overnight trip. Did everything I was required to which took all of 2 mins to complete and I was out the door.

Wednesday: Trevor called to let me know that the MAC was repaired and that all I had to do was pay via PayPal. NEXT TIME I WILL JUST SEND A CHECK IN THE BOX SINCE PAYPAL SEEMS A LITTLE SHADY TO ME. The payment was made and I was told that the MAC was on it’s way back. Trevor called later on in the day to let me know that the Mac was dropped off at FED EX and it should be in my hands around 10:30am on Thursday.


Thursday: Got up early, showered and headed out the door. By 10:31 the MAC was back in my hands and the display looked like it did the first time I opened it up after it’s purchase.

I’m extremely happy with the service and couldn’t really ask for anymore than that which was given. In fact, take a read of the warranty:

The warranty is the same for ship-ins and local repairs. A standard 120-day manufacturer’s warranty, plus if you break your computer again within 6 months, we’ll fix it for $100. Three-way overnight shipping is free if you break it again.

As I write there are two things that I can list on the CONs side:

My mail is sent to the UPS store. Although they receive FED EX they do not ship with FED EX. Luckily there was a Kinkos FED EX near by so I headed over there and dropped it off. It seems like it would be extra trouble if there wasn’t a FED EX shipper around or the FED EX hub was a little far to drive to. It might be good to look into using UPS as well. That way all bases are covered.

It would be awesome if there was a place to just pay with a credit card online or if I could just give my credit card info over the phone. That way I don’t have to go through Sir PayPal the shady.

With that said, anything that is added to the cost of doing business is defrayed by the customer via higher prices  So although I had to jump a small hoop I was more than happy to do so for the low cost of getting it fixed. In short, is certainly the best place I know of to get your mac laptop screen fixed.



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