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Barnsley Resort And A Breast Cancer Photo Shoot

Grace Ormonde: One Top-Notch Woman

by Peter on April 22, 2010

Back in March I had the pleasure of sitting down with THE Grace Ormonde of Grace Ormonde Wedding Style Magazine to talk for a few moments. So how did it happen? Simply she was looking at portfolios at WPPI in the ToFurious booth from the photographers there. (and yes there was a line) Well, I didn’t have my portfolio, unless you call a portfolio on an iphone sufficient? In fact, I really wasn’t interested in showing my work because the quality of work that shows up on the pages of Wedding Style makes mine look like chump change. What I was interested in was taking a few moments to tell her how much I appreciated her work in promoting thirst relief in her magazine and to have her sign one of the recent issues. I sat down, gave her the magazine and asked her to sign. I did give her my card and pulled out a copy of the book “To Have & To Hold” that I help create from last year’s breast cancer photo project and laid in on the table. I stated that it was something I worked on and would like to do it again. What happened next caught me by surprise. It was almost like she didn’t hear me ask for her autograph. She just kept commenting on the breast cancer project, she kept commenting on my business card. I, again, asked her to autograph the magazine because I was a little embarrassed. As stated, the work she sees on a regular basis that makes mine look….again….like chump change. But she kept asking more questions about the project and how she liked the project.  She was genuinely interested in the what I had to say and what the project was about.

She signed my mag with not only her name but also the encouraging note,

“Thank you so much for what you are doing for women.”

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My first thought was, “Are you sure you want to write that? I mean. Yes, I did photograph 12 ladies who were affected by breast cancer but the fact of the matter is that they were the ones in front of the camera for 13 hours. They were the ones who decided to tell their story for the world to read.  All I did was give them a way to share their story not something that qualified for ‘what you are doing for women?'” And maybe this is the secret of her success. She helps others become successful. She stays true to herself and what is important to her. Think about it.  Her magazine’s demographic are affluent brides. It may be okay to put a layout or two of men, women and children who need clean water but not 6 PAGES OF IT! And even though there were those who said it would be a bad idea she did it anyway and for that she is shown to be authentic.

She will always bring in a crowd of wedding photographers because having your work shown in Grace Ormonde Wedding Style Magazine gives you more than just a few notches of cred in the wedding industry and with your clientele. She could honestly just ride her fame and just show up. But she doesn’t. She took time out and for a few moments she encouraged me on a project that I thought every morning was going to be a failure and at the time a big let down for everyone involved.

Even though she gave a little encouragement to me after the project was competed I was already thinking about this year’s project. It is considerably larger and I need all the encouragement that I can get. So if there is anyone that has given you a little encouragement don’t forget to give them a little “thank you” but also don’t forget to give others a little encouragement too.

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  • April 22, 2010 at 11:02 pm

    You hit the nail on the head! She cares. And she wants people to be successful 🙂 It’s funny because that’s something she told me in private because Grace thought it would be silly to even mention that. Yet you were able to derive it from a short conversation.

    Lead change for the better.

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