Husbands, Your Wife Feels You Are Open To Her When . . .
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Wives, Your Husband Will Feel You Appreciate His Desire To Protect And Provide When . . .

by Peter on August 20, 2010

FROM Love & Respect: The Love She Most Desires; The Respect He Desperately Needs on page 213,214

  • you verbalize your admiration of him for protecting you and being willing to die for you
  • you praise his commitment to provide for and protect you and the family (he needs to know you don’t take this for granted.)
  • you empathize when he reveals his male mind-set about position, status, rank, or being one-up or one-down, particularly at work
  • you never mock the idea of “looking down on you”
  • you never, in word or body language, put down his job or how much he makes
  • you are always ready to figuratively “light the candles,” as E.V. Hill’s wife did when they couldn’t afford to pay the light bill
  • you quietly and respectfully voice concerns about finances and try to offer solutions on where you might be able to cut spending

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