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I Watched Hello Dolly And I Think I Liked It

by Peter on May 20, 2011

One of the musical staples in Genevieve’s life is Hello Dolly. I’ve never seen it and the two things that I know about it are that Louis Armstrong sung, Hello Dolly and that the first plugin you get with wordpress is one that teaches your it’s lyrics. I received a scholarship for music performance in percussion and with all the great musical education I received I never once appreciated it. Well, that’s a lie. I really enjoyed the broadway music from Titanic. But that was only because I was introduced to it during winter guard.

Well, I planed to work on a few things while Hello Dolly was going strong and believe it or not….I didn’t get any work done. I have mad respect for the choreographer and the dancers. It was quite impressive and it’s now stuck in my head. So should I be embarrassed that I enjoyed “Hello Dolly?”

Here are a few excepts from my favorite parts. Enjoy. (I would like to include “dancing” but I can’t find the movie version.)

“Hello Dolly” with Louis Armstrong

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