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by Peter on June 21, 2011

Wide Angle Lens Can Give A Great Perspective At The Georgian Terrace

Creating leading lines in your photographs is a great way to create depth and action. This photograph was taken in the lobby of  The Georgian Terrace in Atlanta. This was the last shot of Janna and Will’s 2 location engagement shoot and I wasn’t going to have them go up and down elevators just so that I could “experiment” or “let’s see what happens.” This is a horrible was to photograph clients. It’s only okay to experiment when you’re not getting paid.

I wanted to take advantage of the architecture Will and Janna went to the first floor and stood face to face. The first thing you notice are the lines. They are leading you up and down the wall. Since our eyes are drawn to the brightest part of a photograph we typically look at the top and move our way down till we see Janna and Will.

Remember that wide angle lines accentuate distance, that is, what’s close looks really close and what’s far looks really far.  With that in mind it was important that Janna and Will not stand straight up but lean over the rail. If I didn’t ask them to do so you wouldn’t be able to see their heads very well and you certainly wouldn’t know they were kissing.

I tilted the camera up to accentuated the height of the space and with a little framing I made the click. It is important to know the nature of your lenses. This shot was the last one of the day and asking them to go up and down elevators just so that I could, “see what happens” is a little unacceptable.

Remember you don’t need an expensive camera to do this. A digital point and shoot camera will do the same. Experiment with your photos and see what leading lines you can create.

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