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by Peter on January 12, 2013

finding-your-purpose-chessEvery year the it gets vague to help keep us from accountability. You knowEVERY YEAR THE IT GETS VAGUE TO HELP KEEP US FROM ACCOUNTABILITY. YOU KNOW . The general, I want to be rich, I want to loose weight, I want to meet mr. right or ms. right. The problem isn’t in the wanting something or setting a goal to satisfy that want. The problem is not being definite in not only what it is but how you plan to achieve that goal.

You don’t have to be a futurist or a fortune teller to be able to predict someone’s future. You can do so by asking him or her one simple question: “What is you one definite purpose in life — and what plans have you made to attain it?” – Napoleon HIll’s A Year of Growing Rich


Simply put. What is it that you want to do and what are you going to do to make sure you accomplish it? Many of us have an idea or even have a heart felt desire to do something. The problem is that we not only don’t make plans to not only take the first step we don’t even plan to make it happen. Every year people say they want to loose weight by joining a health club. Around January 1 of that year they commit to paying every month a fee to use the health club facilities. If they were to detail their goal it would read:

  1. I want to loose weight
  2. Join health club
  3. Go to health club throughout the week

How does going to the health club guarantee anyone to loose weight? It doesn’t. The problem is that there is no plan to loose weight. All this reads is that they plan to join a health club and add to their bottom line. Also, If the goal is to loose weight then loosing 1 lbs would be good enough and you can do that by putting on a trash bag and running around your neighborhood a few times. The problem is that there is no definite purpose or specific plan to loose weight. A goal like that would read:

  1. They wrote down their goal so that they could see it everyday and remember that it is for real.
  2. The goal to loose 40lbs in 5 months (4 lbs per week)
  3. Go to health club monday through friday with specific work out goals
  4. Change eating habits to include a specific healthful food diet
  5. Find new friends who have the same view on health for accountability.
  6. Participate in outdoors activities on a regular basis

Between the two goals who do you think has a better chance? The second one will win every time. It wins  because it’s specific in four  ways.

  1. Goal
  2. Start Time
  3. What Path Needed To Be Taken
  4. End Time

So for 2013 Don’t be vague in what you want to do this year. Set your course on a definite path and make the plans that are going to take you there.

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