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5 Reasons Why You Should Support Future Presidents on Kickstarter

by Peter on May 2, 2013
presidential baby birthday

The Official Party Invite!

June 22, 2013 was not only my son’s first birthday but also the first day of his official campaign to win the 2048 presidential election.

THAT’S RIGHT, unbeknownst to him he’s going to become the leader of the free word at age 35. (35 is the earliest anyone can be president). What started as a funny suggestion is now the poor kid’s destiny… whether he likes it or not *wink wink*.  We made “official” political posters and campaign signs that we put in the front lawn of the house we were using as campaign headquarters for the party. He already has quite the fan base!

So you can imagine my excitement when I found out that fashion photographer extraordinaire Matthew Jordan Smith is in the midst of creating his newest project ‘s Future Presidents on Kickstarter. You didn’t have to ask me twice. With a click, click, click and I became an official backer. BTY…YOU SHOULD TOO! click here to back Future Presidents

What I love about Future Presidents is that it helps ignite the spark of hope and possibility within not only children but also within adults. Matthew Jordan Smith asks a great question to all of us:

“If you could inspire a future American president, would you?”

Who would say, “No, I like for children to live uninspired lives so that they can live a life of mediocrity for 70-80 years.” I’m already in the midst of inspiring my son because I want him to know that there is a world of possibilities before him. Those possibilities are only bound by his imagination, and thus I need his imagination to be very deep and very wide. The only way to do that is to teach him early and teach him often.

Future Presidents is about Dreaming Big. So here are the 5 reasons you should support Future Presidents on Kickstarter TODAY.

Future Presidents helps you Dream Big: Dreaming big is about making your world a better place. It helps you love your world just a little bit more because the fact of the matter is, dreaming big is about leaving this world better than the way you found it. We dream big about doing things that lift us up from where we are to where we want to be. We dream big about our family, wealth, occupation, becoming a leader with a strong positive influence on others, and even inspiring others to greatness. Dreaming big is about not accepting the status quo of what circumstance has “handed us” but by being an active participant in making changes.

Future Presidents helps you unlock your Imagination: Imagination questions the impossible and breathes life into the impossible. The impossible thought of the eradication of smallpox happened only when Edward Jenner imagined a world without it in the 1700’s. What about the modern marvels of aerospace and sanitation? I certainly can’t take away from the awe of the human imagination when it comes to the Pyramids and the Lighthouse of Alexandria.

Future Presidents helps you have Envisioned Opportunity:  The reason most people don’t succeed isn’t because of a lack of ability or the desire to success, but only because they don’t think there’s an opportunity to be successful. They don’t think that it’s in the cards for them. They view obstacles as stumbling blocks rather than stepping stones. The only difference between the two is the manner in which you look at them. Envisioned opportunity gives someone the motivation to see stumbling blocks as stepping stones and gives them the faith in their abilities to take that step up and over.

Future Presidents helps give you reason to your Confidence: Yes, success only comes out of hard work. Yes, success only comes out of focused and meaningful work. Yes, success only comes out perseverance. And yes, success comes out of endurance. But unless you have the confidence in yourself and in your abilities to reach your goals you won’t work hard, you won’t stay focused and you surely won’t preserver when times get tough.

Future Presidents keeps you accountable with Personal Responsibility: Our succeses and our failures fall squarely on our shoulders. There is no one to blame. We have the freedom to change our situations. Dreaming big tells us what we would like to be. Imagination bridges the gap between the possible and impossible. Envisioned opportunity tells us the impossible can be a reality. Confidence gives us the endurance to change the impossible into the possibile.


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