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How To Write A Proper Thanksgiving Note

by Peter on November 28, 2014

It’s late night, early morning on Black Friday. I had a great thanksgiving meal with my little family at a festive table populated with my wife’s family about 12 hours ago. I started to think about writing a few mentors who have influenced me and really help my photographic career in a meaningful thank you email. Yes, handwritten notes are better but the people I am going to write aren’t going to give me their mailing address.

Why do I call them mentors if I don’t even know their mailing addresses? They are mentors because I have read their books and sought out interviews they have given. I have listened to there advice and followed through on their advice. They have put out their work to benefit anyone who is willing to listen and take action. Some advice was a little a head of my time and some advice was the light that I was looking to turn on.

So here are the things that I am going to cover in the email

  1. Create a numbered list of the specific reasons you are thankful for them and what they have done.
  2. Give examples as to how those specific reasons apply to them and have affected you.
  3. Give examples of how their advice helped you succeed.
  4. Let them know that you will continue to heed their advice
  5. Let them know that you will keep them updated about your progress.

Who should you write to let them know how much they have helped you?

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