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One Instagram Like May Cost You A Arm And A Leg To A Black Bear

by Peter on February 6, 2015

Not only is the cliche “everyone is a photographer” true but also because of Facebook everyone wants to be liked. This combination has caused many photographers to risk the threat of prison and getting mauled by bears. Instagrammer Casey Nocket defaced rock faces in national parks across the country. While black bears were praying on trout, hikers got close enough to include those bears in their selfies. One Rutgers student was mauled by a black bear while trying to get his money shot. Another Instagrammer, Trevor Lee plead guilty in federal court for climbing trees and building campfires in banned areas for a “good picture” where he works in concessions at Yosemite.

Businesses are offering money to Instagrammers for their photographs because of their large followings. Do you think large followings are built with only photos of kids eating ice cream or epic date nights? No. That’s boring. What’s note boring are photos of criminals, celebrities and risks that most people aren’t going to take like selfies with bears.

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