About Peter

Live a Life That Will Make Your Grandchildren Proud

Is that my motto? Yup.

Did my Grandfather (who never learned to read) who owned and ran a gas station for 20+ years motivate me to have that motto? Yup.

Did my Dad (a Navy SEAL) who slept on a couch for 6 years so that my brothers and I could have a bed to sleep on help inspire that motto? Yup.

Did my Mom who broke her neck (think Christopher Reeves) but willed herself to walk again show me that my motto matters? Yup.

And why should this matter to you concerning photography? Because people matter. A person’s passions, art, love matter and their grandchildren and future generations should know about it. And the best way that I know to preserve passion, art, and love is to do that with photography and video. My goal in photographing your event is not for the purpose of being seen and experienced in the here and now but for eyes and minds 2 generations from now.

If you want to know everything about me and my photography history then Click Here to learn more about Peter.

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