About Project Storyboard

“Live a life that will make your grandchildren proud because you have a story that must be told.”

The purpose of Project Storyboard is to help others:

  • Live a life that will be remembered and shared long after they pass away.
  • Live a life that will directly affect 100 -1000’s of people during their lifetime.
  • Preserve their story for future generations.
At this time Project Storyboard is focusing most of our efforts on creating a book to help share stories of breast cancer survivors. Below is information on that project.

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Project Storyboard “To Have & To Hold” Breast Cancer Photo Project Summary:

Men and women breast cancer survivors and those in the “trenches” of chemotherapy will share their wisdom and insight of their strength and emotion of their battle for their lives, family and future generations. In October 2012 two new self-published books will highlight these men and women.  Get to know Eric a breast cancer survivor who wouldn’t let chemotherapy keep him from following up on a promise he made to his children. Meet Dawn who was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer while pregnant.

These experiences and stories will be preserved in a unique way to encourage those who will be diagnosed in the future. The Project Storyboard “To Have & To Hold” breast cancer photo project combines visual and literary power in two books.

BOOK 1: Sixty men and women, young and old, breast cancer survivors will share their stories of coming out victorious on the other side in their own hand along with their personality portrait. This book will sure be an encourage those with cancer that the battle can be won and has been won by many. If you are a breast cancer survivor and would like to get on the list please click here 


Men and women in the “trenches” of chemotherapy for multiple diseases will give a unique perspective on what it means to fight for your life. This book will give you rarely read insight into the strength and emotion of women who are battling for their lives, family and future generations. This book will not only show the strength of the human spirit but also light the way of the path of those who will come along the same path in the future. It will truly be an inspiration. If you are going through chemotherapy for any disease and would like to get to participate please click here 


VIP Soirée:

A invitational only VIP soiree will be held in October 2012 for the Models, Supporters, Sponsors and Special Guests to show for the first time to the public two moving books of strength, determination and hope. Men and women who survived breast cancer and those who battled various diseases with chemotherapy. This will be an soiree that you won’t soon forget. SUBSCRIBE HERE TO KEEP UP AND GET INFORMATION ON GETTING TICKETS

How It Came To Be:

A few years back I created a wedding theme photo shoot which included vendors in the wedding industry. Seven vendors agreed to participate and we found an actual married couple to be our models. (It’s easy to photograph models, it takes talent to photograph those who are not.) My shoot included limos, an Anne Barge wedding dress, scooter, custom designed shoes, cake toppers,  a presidential suite and a bull dog. The shoot was an amazing success and to thank all who participated we had  a soiree where I personally thanked everyone and presented all the photos. I was amazed at how many people were willing to help.

A Few Months Later:

While taking a break during the summer heat in Savannah Ga. from a day long engagement shoot it occurred to me that the previous shoot could be bigger and more meaningful. It’s great that vendors in an industry work together and create something that hasn’t been done before but what about creating something that hasn’t been done before AND has meaning. At this point I was like a kid getting excited and not knowing why. Well, I knew that I wanted the project to work in tandem with a local charity but also have a connection to. After taking  two seconds to ponder it was a no brainer to choose breast cancer. I’ve know a number of women who were  affected by breast cancer via individually or through a parent.

It was important to me that not only did the photographs have to be phenomenal but the women had to tell their stories. In my research in Google I found there were very few breast cancer photo shoots and of the ones that did find they included women who’ve never experienced breast cancer. What a tragedy!  Why create a “breast cancer photo shoot” with no one who experienced this disease?

The Set Up:

I determined that I was going to find 12 women who personally experienced breast cancer or their mother had breast cancer.  In addition I was going to use a gulf stream jet, awesome cars, and helicopters just to name a few things to make this shoot unlike anything else that has been done before. In just over a month in a half I found  my 12 models,  millions of dollars in props and 35 businesses who were gracious enough to donate their time and talent. Praise Jesus. In addition, I found an outstanding writer and cinematographer who would sit down with each of the models to uncover their stories during the shoot.

What I also did was to rent, at a very steep discount, an extended hummer limo for the models. As you know, if you are not a model it is very difficult to work in front of a camera. As a result, I needed the models to know and feel like princesses and rock stars. The hummer was only for them. In addition, make-up artists from CNN came to make each model beam with radiance.

The Power of Stories:

Stories of women who have been affected by breast cancer are powerful because it teaches those who will go through it in the future, those who are being affected now and those who have already survived what to expect.

Consider these stories:

  • A daughter whose mom with breast cancer struggles with her thoughts of “selfishness” about deciding if she should quit school to help her mom whose dad is emotional distant.
  • A young woman diagnosed with breast cancer but has no one to turn to because she has no friends who have been affected by the disease and all the support groups have women who are 20 years older
  • A young woman wonders if she genetically inherited breast cancer because  grandmother and mother are breast cancer survivors.
  • A woman in the prime of her life is diagnosed with breast cancer with no family history. How does she adapt to her new way of life?

How can this not be helpful?

The Book:

The “To Have & To Hold” book was published with 96 pages of each of the women’s personal stories and photographs from the shoot. You may purchase the book and all the proceeds are donated to the Koman foundation.



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