Gifts For You

WHO DOESN’T LIFE A GIFT OR TWO THROUGHOUT THE YEAR? I know I do and I can certainly testify that my wife believes every third tuesday should be gift day. Well, here are a few gifts that I am giving away to you that will hopefully have a positive affect on you.

Ebook: How To Find Your Wedding Photographer

  1. 10 MUST HAVES in your photography contract.
  2. 6 Ways to Get the Groom involved in choosing  a wedding photographer.
  3. When should you run away from a wedding photographer?
  4. How to clearly communicate your expectations  and get what you want
  5. How to find the best wedding photographer  at the price you can afford.

Excerpt from the introduction:

Finding Your Perfect Wedding Photographer was written to specifically give Brides the tools needed to help ensure a great experience and success during their search for a wedding photographer. Each Bride needs to find a photographer whose style and skill set allow him or her to capture the unique aspects of the Bride’s relationship with her Groom. Each photographer has a style or Signature. So does each relationship. The most important part in choosing a photographer is finding one whose Signature matches that of the relationship. This ensures that the final product is a set of pictures that will be a fitting remembrance of this most important day.

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“How To Find Your Wedding Photographer.”


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